my game keeps crashing!!!!!!!

every time i get on a privite match with my friend i can start it but as soon as we start 10-30 sec in it crashes its only been doing this for the past two days and would really like it to stop so if you have any info please tell me.

ps i love this game it all i ever play so please help


try going to settings on your xbox and then power setings (or something like that im not at my xbox at min) and turn power saving off

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If you have Instant On turn that off so it says Energy Saving Mode. You want it on Energy Saving Mode.

EDIT: just recently if I search through too many tunes it seems to crash.

did not work someone please help I cant play this game becase of it

i am having the same issue in career mode. i get about 2 races in to league races then it will crash to home screen when i try to start the race . hopefully turn10 will fix this with a software update or something i would hate to lose all my progress and have to start over.

Gave up last night trying to play. Longest I went was about 4-5 races before being sent back to dashboard.

I understand it doesn’t happen to everybody all the time, but this is an issue that seems to effect alot of people sometime. Ive searched and not been able to find a proper fix for this.

There is definitely no problem with my internet connection.

It does not happen on the other 2 games I play.

I have this same problem , it seems to crash more for me when I’m having to mute idiots with background noise while in lobby , it’s so annoying and all these crashing issues need sorting NOW!!!

OMG does FM5 crash a lot.

Add me to the crash list. After pressing A to the start game, all that happens is the movie showing the cars keeps playing and playing and playing. I have tried: 2 different discs, multiple installs, unplugging the console, deleting my saved game information, cleaning both discs, turning the console off overnight. I guess next is to see about getting my maybe month old console exchanged for a new one. A main reason for purchasing an Xbox 1 was this game after playing 3 & 4 enjoying both.

for me it happens in career mode i get a few races into one of the leagues and it crashes ive noticed it mainly happens on circut de catalunya half of my leagues are stuck on this track … so far about 10 or 12 of the leagues i cannot finish and its really irritating i only have a few leagues left to race before i have nothing left to do … so far the only way ive heard of anyone fixing it is to completely restart your forza profile ad you lose everything PLEASE someone from TURN 10 or a FORZA dev give us a reply

Me too!!! Its so annoying! Everytime i play tag virus, like 6mins in, i crash to the dashboard. Im so good at tag virus its not fair that i lose my credits, xp, and position in that game.

Turn the system off using the off switch, using the control won’t work. It needs to power down completely to reset the ram. I think it’s system problem, memory leak. I just shut it down completely now instead of putting it to sleep.

I have never had issues with FM5 crashing. I did have problems with it launching for a while tho. Once I figured out I had to Quit the game from the dashboard, I was golden. Maybe you guys could gather more specific information on what you are doing when the game crashes, T10 can do more to investigate it. (What mode/race series are you trying to run, what cars are you using, ect.)

Same here. It seems to happening far more frequently than it did a few weeks ago.

This things name is going to become the crash box or disconnect box soon.

Mine two I just recently got an xbox one again and its a digital copy. in the past one day ive played it it has crashed I think 6 times from the multiplayer lobby I get one race done and crash. I hard reboot and reinstalled but nothing is working. I didn’t have this issue when I had a launch console

Did anyone get support for this? I am having a similar problem that I’ve created a topic on these forums for. I really hope I get an answer soon.

Wow…so I’m not the only one with this problem.
I got the xbox one 2 weeks ago and the game crashed twice today while racing online.

Lots of people have crashing problems and Turn 10 has never responded on the forums about it. I’m going to give my issue a few more days and then I’ll just send the console in for repair/replacement. There’s literally nothing else I can do if no one ever replies here.

Make sure your console is always on “Energy Saving”. Shut down and power it up by tapping the console power button.

Before each shutdown, clear Alternate MAC address, clear Persistent Storage, and make sure all apps are closed (by pressing start and selecting ‘quit’).

And, when you do a fresh boot up, launch the game first thing, and have no background tasks running. Also check your server’s DNS. How’s multiplayer in other games? How’s internet browsing? If no issues there, then your DNS is okay.

Hope all this helps. Let us know!