Multi class start issue

My search feature thru my phone doent work very well so if this has been brought up before feel free to lock.

Anyways when we line up to start the c class cars go first which is great. Problem is if the c class car decides to be a jerk he can literally back up and hit every car. That makes the higher class cars face walls or sometimes backwards before even starting. Can somebody look into ghosting all the cars at the begining of the countdown and until after we launch. Thank you

Isn’t everyone a ghost at the start though?

I wasn’t aware of that. I noticed sometimes I was ghosted and not others at the start.
Hopefully this can be patched quickly before it is exploited.
ABCs is a lot of fun.

There’s about a 20 second timer before it ghosts, or right when A class launches.

Man if people put half the effort into driving well that they do in deliberately being nuisances, the competition in this game would be insane.


My sentiment exactly!

I’ve seen this happen on multiple occasions. It’s weird how they can drive backwards without getting ghosted for like 5 seconds.

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Multi-class is actually my favorite series to race in by far. Less cars in your class to worry about hitting you all the time. Slow cars for the most part seem to move out of the way of the faster cars (Not always but usually). I think people don’t try to wreck as much because they could be getting passed by other cars but still in 2nd in their division. Besides private lobbies this is the only way I race. Lets hope it doesn’t get removed anytime soon!!!

And yeah the S and A class cars don’t ghost until the A class cars launch so the C or B class car can just back up and ram everybody behind them. It was amusing the first time I saw it happen to me but it quickly got old.