The only ghost racing which is C class right now

and for some reason thats the one I can’t connect to. This has forced me into the collision races in B and A class. Geez. Is there a plan other than private lobby

I think all lobbies should be NON-COLLISION so this crap can’t occur and people can enjoy the game. Take the purist out there that must have collisions and force them to use private lobbies with their friends but make the default no collisions. looks like I’ll be playing nothing but fallout 4 when it releases because If I have to race like this as mentioned numerous times its just no doable.

There is a ghost lobby in leagues for S class.

The only classes I really race or would like to are E,D,C and B. Anything above B I’m just not interested in at all. So, all of sudden for me after about a month of playing it feels tired already and the lack permanent lobbies with NO collisions is ridiculous. I thought after the huge disappointment of Project cars that this Forza was gonna be awesome which the gameplay itself really is but the on-line I was really enjoying until I realized there wasn’t always going to be a C Class league and the other multiplayer C class is flagged as INTRODUCTORY, yeah, that insulting if you ask me when there is no way to race C class now. So, you got my money, maybe the multiplayer will get sorted somehow although I doubt it.

I bought GTA V when it came out and have never really played it at all. Gonna start now.

To those I’ve raced with I’ll check back in a month to see what’s happening. 100 bucks for 1 month of enjoyment. Hard to tell if that’s worth it. Probably, but it could be so much better if we had flexibility.

I think a better idea is to have a set of collision lobbies and a set of the same lobbies non collision. That way there are more options for everyone to race how they want. I’d prefer to be racing c class collision but we don’t have one so I’ve had to stick to the introductory c class.

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