Mp lobbies are total waste of time

Don’t know bout you guy’s but after “trying"to race in multiplayer lobbies for about6month’s now i have reached the decision that they are a total waste of time and i for one will just be sticking to rival’s from now on.If the wrecker’s don’t get you then the people trying to drive the lotus e23 and who fail miserably will,if they don’t get you then all the rubbish spread all over certain track’s will and if that doesn’t get you and you have managed to miss all those hazard’s be careful not to so much as touch another car because 9/10 you will go spinning off and it takes about 20sec’s to get back on the track facing the right way…totally had enough and just a final message to all you mp’s out there"may the force be with you”…



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It all depends on who you’re playing with. Ive found that the high the class the more wreckers and inexperienced drivers you Encounter… Find a group of guys and do some private sessions.

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Turn 10, I know that you have no interest in fixing ongoing problems in your games, and concepts like balance and hot fixes are as foreign to you as coding is to me. But even so, you guys have to be aware of how terrible your multiplayer has become as well as how toxic the community is these days. I am not exaggerating when I describe your multiplayer as unplayable, I have not seen good racing taking place in one of your public lobbies in months. I still hold out hope, I poke my head in every now and then, only to get rammed out of the way by some corner cutting slob on Yas, or destroyed by some trolling tool in any hairpin, or just spun out off the line by some baboon in an SUV. The only way I will play your game anymore is in a private lobby, and many of my friends won’t even do that, they have all moved on to other games. One of these days T10, someone is going to put out a solid alternative racing game for the xbox, and on that day, your game will be officially dead, unless you do something to fix this nonsense. There are pages and pages on the forums suggesting fixes to these problems, so I won’t list them here, but it is clear that something must be done. Get your thumb out and do something!


I respectfully object. Your comment is, Not, something you “know”. It is purely speculative and based on your own opinion.
I will now offer My opinion. I believe Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios Do have an interest in fixing ongoing problems. In FACT, there have actually been patches and updates made to do just that.
The behavior of players online is hardly a “fix” that Turn 10 or Microsoft Studios can make with any certainty at all. I can assure you, no matter what steps are taken (and steps are taken, more than you might realize) the griefers will find their ways to create havoc. Turn 10 can eliminate them, and another group steps into the void.
No, you are frustrated, and basing your opinion on the collection of information submitted by others who were at least as frustrated as you.
I agree, the griefers seem to be everywhere, and we don’t seem to see any change in the behavior in multiplayer. I agree that it’s really frustrating, and there are time when I feel like walking out and tossing the game in the trash.
But then, I turn it on and the league is full of some new and some veteran players. They are talking and learning from one another and the racing is fun, real fun.
If you are looking for a major overhaul to the game.a change that would punish griefers, cutters and the genuine nuisances, I wouldn’t count on seeing that. If you want to see the important changes, you must be prepared to share your knowledge and mentor the new drivers, whether they like it or not. We the veteran users, have an obligation to mentor the noobs. We need to explain tuning to them and make them understand how it works. We need to welcome them into our lobbies and show them that they are slow, and don’t know diddley squat. Then we need to teach them the keys to being fast. Along with all of it, we need to instill a sense of pride in the game. Pride that will keep them from becoming a lowlife scum, griefer.
You see Turn10 doesn’t have the manpower to police every aspect of this game. They never have, shouldn’t be required to, and probably never will.
So my short response to your ill informed assessment is, What Have You Done To Make It Better?



They won’t do anything about it, and the same exact people who are complaining saying they will “never buy another forza game again” will buy it as soon as it comes out, and so far, I haven’t seen any game that looks anything like forza motorsport 6, do they need to change alot of b.s. on that game? Yes, are they going to? No, they have the intelligence of a baby cow, they do not give a single crap what we want, but I will say some of the things the forza community wants are ridiculous, but I don’t think fixing multiplayer is one of them

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One day, someone might come out with a game that rivals Forzamotorsport. In the meantime, Forza Motorsport 6 is a great game in single player as well as in multiplayer. It’s going through some growing pains m, but it’s still the very best available


Leagues >>>>> MP hoppers

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I sometimes enjoy the wreckers.

If I want a clean race, I know I’d better go to free play or career, because there’s always gonna be griefers and noobs who will dive bomb the corners and smash on the straights.

But the other night I was in a lobby with a couple wreckers, and it was actually a little bit of fun. They would try to slam me off the road, and I would just fight back. I didn’t purposefully crash into them, but if I saw one of them diving at me from the side, I would lean my car into it (hey no damage, might as well try to stay on the track). I’m pretty proud of myself when we wrestled for a bit on the straight before he spun out and I flew through the corner unshaken.

I’ve learned to embrace the wreckers. They’re part of multiplayer, and they’re human, which is ultimately why we play multiplayer, because the AI is boring. It’s not realistic, but every now and again, it is entertaining.

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This is ridiculous. You are contributing to the problem.


Why? Because I chose to defend myself rather than take the hit?

I didn’t purposefully try to hit them, but when they started pushing me around and slamming into me, I pushed back. As soon as I got clear of them I raced clean, and I certainly didn’t do that when there were other racers around. But if these guys wanted to bump around a little bit, I wasn’t going to just ignore them and pray that they don’t hit me. So I took a defensive stance, and when they hit me, I was ready for it.

You are contributing. Do not play with them at all. If you are a clean racer and really like to race. I suggest a club. I am in a club, clean races, and there are so many of them, I don’t even have the time for MP lobbies.


How is defending yourself contributing? If you know they’re going to try to hit you wouldn’t it common sense to set up the contact in your favor? For example on a street circuit someone is sideswiping everyone that tries to pass. You might not have room to completely avoid it so you turn in to them just enough to absorb the shock. You’re suggesting it’s better to just sit there and take it?

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I agree, and I think this stupid “try to defend yourself and you’ll get banned too” crap needs to stop, because multiplayer will not get fixed by the drivers sitting there and taking it, if the racers were to step up against these trolls, they wouldn’t think it’d be fun anymore, hope turn ten says, " if your getting trolled, you have every right to smash him off the track if he does it enough."

I’m not talking about an offensive stance toward it, more of a “protect yourself” approach. That being said, if I’m at the head of a pack and someone is waiting for us I have no problem with taking the initiative and remove them from the equation for everyone else’s sake. Some people think it’s better to let them cause a pileup.

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I might lean towards agreeing that some sort of “defensive stance” would be acceptable. If such a thing was really possible.
The fact of the matter, as much as it pains me to say this, is that bumping back seems to be the only real “defensive stance” available.
I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, but, I have taken the high road and yielded to those aggressive drivers, only to find myself punted off the track by someone behind me who wasn’t paying attention, or saw an opportunity to remove me as an opponent. It seems like the more aggressive drivers are being given more room, so they win more races and sit comfortably atop the leaderboards.
But, I have tried being aggressive back, and all it ended up doing was ruining someone else’s race along with mine.
The answer to wreckers isn’t more wrecking, ghost lobbies or even accepting wrecking. The answer is in using the only tool we have in place at the moment and reporting them.
I feel your frustration, I really do. The last two nights have been the worst I have ever experienced. I am on the verge of imposing a ban on myself to avoid a stroke.
As for “taking someone out”, well, that’s just plain wrong on every level, because YOU become the aggressor. When someone sees you “take someone out”, should they then take YOU out? Do you see where this leads?


The real answer is moderators, but t10 can’t get their head outa their you-know-what to do something like that, such a radical thought

Fun until you and your griefer cause someone that didn’t want to be involved to crash and you both end up with a ban. Plenty of “Why was I banned for no reason” threads where the banned person describes your exact scenario. Claiming that you were “defending yourself” doesn’t lift the ban.


I think these issues purely fall on turn 10s shoulders. Every game has their griefers, but to not make any changes to stop them and in my eyes they do nothing but promote it. Theres too many reasons for me to list that i dont even want to bother getting into. The bigger ones that stand out to me at least are:

No tutorial or license tests to teach new racers or even more “casual” players the rules

A single player that has driver ai that is just as dirty as multiplayer, i think the drivatars only seem to use peoples worst habits not their best and this promotes crashing

Continuing to add more players to multiplayer lobbies which in their own words gets “crazy”, yes it is but not in a good way

Not increasing laps with the increase of lobby size, of course people are going to try and smash their way to the front when they start in 24th on a 2 lap race

Not doing anything about corner cutting, they took away sticky grass added some barriers and tires here or there but not on the corners that people actually cut. How about time penalties or slow them down to a crawl and ghost them out so they dont ruin other peoples race

No penalties for crashing, they should do some kind of speed based system where if someone hits someone in a turning zone at more than a reasonable speed they get a penalty of some sort. This will allow for the inevitable taps and rubbing but stop full on using others as brakes

No real vote to kick option, its pretty self explanatory, theres been many threads and posts about it no reason to dabble any further

Theres a beginners c class lobby thats filled with anything but beginners, how about you restrict beginner lobbies to i dont know beginners

Then theres the same tuning “glitches” that allow for leaderboard cars to thrive. Why have a game with 450 cars when you realistically can only use about 10 to win a race competitively. This just cause animosity among players.

There are many more things i could list but that would be a waste of time. They are not going to change the entire game, but i think they do need to do something to change the culture they have created. Not everything has to either be “hardcore” or “casual”, there are places where compromises can be made. I know they are on that never ending quest to gain more casual players and catch a “whale” or 2, but the thing about casuals is, odds are they might buy this game but not the next. Keeping returning players should be their priority, they’re the ones who keep your franchise alive, they’re the ones buying the ultimate editions and car passes and theyre the ones helping new people on these forums as well as in the lobbies.