More motor swap options for the AM Vucan

I’d be happy just to have a 7.2 racing V8 swap option. Nothing against the Racing V12, but it’s ridiculously underpowered compared to the other motors in this game.

You definitely play a different game than I do.


i rather have no engines swap at all … and just stock engine balanced … because at this point feels like all the cars sound the same

a class = v8
s1 class = v10
s2 class = v12

on the top of that … these are the engines with the most generic and fake sound of the all game


The Racing V12 engine sound is almost unbearable!! As in 80’s synthesizer bad. I’d prefer not to drive a car with it.

Yeah I would prefer if they tweaked a bunch of cars so they could actually reach the top of their classes with their stock engine and drive-train.

Hey, did you know that their is a really cool place to put your stuff on this.

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The last 2 ranked lobbies I was in were S2 Road Racing, and I won both in a V12 swapped Vulcan, even though there were rank 6’s through 9’s in the lobby with usual suspect cars like TVR Speed 12’s and FXX’s. I have to agree with Rayne SE. The Racing V12 is often the most competitive.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more engine swaps, but I’d most like there to be a PI penalty that’s not tied to performance with engine swaps … like an extra 20 PI … so that any engine swap would not perform as well as the stock engine when shooting for a class for where the stock engine can get you all the way to the PI limit for the class. Then people wouldn’t have choose between keeping a car’s character and being most competitive. People would only swap engines because they want to, not because they feel like they have to.