I beg u PGG, add more engine swap options!

I find it rather annoying how basic some engine swaps are in this game. Like basically ALL of the classic muscle cars have the option for an LS swap (that’s an ok swap option), Viper V10 swap (sounds horrible in game) and the infamous 6.5L Lambo V12 swap (just no lol). I (and many others) would appreciate the option for:

-7.2L Racing V8 swap for the classic muscle cars
-Hellcat swap (6.2L V8 - DSC) for Dodge muscle cars (and Dodge Durango as well?)
-LS (6.2 AND 7.0L V8) V8 swap for the Cadillac ATS-V
-VR38 swap (3.8L V6TT) from the R35 GTR for the older Skyline GTR’s and other Silvias other than just the S13 Hatch
-8.2L V10 FD swap for the standard Dodge Vipers
-7.0L V8 (the one from the Camaro Z/28) for any car with the 6.2L V8 swap option

I most likely missed a few, but that’s my own list. U can reply to this thread with ur own suggestions if u want.


The Merc 6.2 V8, the BMW V8 from the E92, I’m pushing the boundaries here but that 2.5 in the TTRS/RS3 would a great swap in some platforms

there’s already a wishlist for this sort of thing


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