Money for the poor?

I am making this thread as I am low on cash, and would like some help. If anybody has any cash to spare that would be great. I am looking at about 1,000,000 but this can be agreeable.

My gamer tag is GutturalMoss148

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, put a cheap car on AH for 24hrs for 1ml buy out, post on here what it is, make, type and year. I will buy it to help you out.


Hello mate,
Thanks. Its a Suzuki Liana. :slight_smile:

Searched for car, it’s not there. Some one else got it put another up for 24hr, post when it’s up and I will get it.

Hello mate.
I’ve just put up another Liana for you.
Many thanks.

I will also help.

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Need money for specific cars? Send me a message and a Friend Request and I’ll hook you up.

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Same here. Just let me know what the car you put up will be

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Can anyone help me out. I’m in need of some money. I just put a 2009 Audi RS6 on the auction block. It is green with white rims. Starting price is 169k and the buyout is 1.2mil. If anyone can help me out with some money I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!! Ps. My gamer tag is different on the Xbox. You can find me as Killla609. Thanks again.

Got the Audi mate on buyout for 3.4mil. Hope it helps.

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XXXXXX sorry, wrong postXXXXXXXXXXX

Thanks alot man!!I really appreciate it.

Glad I could help mate.

If I post a car will someone help me, I just picked up the game last night and want atleast a million to start then it will help me get better cars for better races. Please☺

Tell me what car you put up and I will help

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A Ford kA, stock red. Buy out 1 mil. Thank you so much

Same thing happened here, I looked for car after work ( I work second shift in PST zone )
car is gone.

First person to post for help after this post -100 million.

I’d love some help! Its a hard, penniless life being stuck on old gen consoles!

Put me up a grey IROCZ for 100 mill :wink: