Missing wheelspins?

New to the game, so I apologize if I’m missing something. When I do something in the game and level up it tells me at the bottom of the screen that I have a new wheelspin and I can press X to use it. However, sometimes, there is no X next to the notification and hence, no wheelspin. Even if I manually pause and go to the wheelspin screen I don’t have any. Is this normal?

The game doesn’t let you do wheelspins in the middle of a race, so they don’t appear till after the race.

This is when I’m just driving around though. If I got one in the middle of a race it would show up in the pause menu afterwards, right? I’m getting nothing - sometimes.

If you’re just driving around you can get the X button for something that you have already collected, but you shouldn’t get no X button at all.

So I still frequently get a level up notification with no X and no wheelspin. This is not in race and only happens with the overall influence level up, never a specific one. I understand that sometimes you get two together or you already used one and got the notification afterward, but this is not that. It seems to happen almost every other level up. I’m approximately level 90 now if that helps.

If I had to guess, it’s a lag between local and server, something you already got local, but when server acknowledges, it sees it’s already used.

Or for instance, you just 3 star a PR stunt, the level up produces a wheelspin, so you hit x to spin it. You hit A to collect and it spins again, then you go out in to world and now the level animation shows, you may or may not see an x, and even if you do, hitting does nothing because you just used it.


I have been getting the same issue since January when I started playing horizon 4. It’s driving me crazy, I’ve missed tons of wheelspins just like romant56. Exact same issue. It’s very frustrating knowing your earned rewards evaporate in to thin air. It’s making me not want to play as often honestly.