Wheel Spin Flash

With some cars after leaving the Festival, I get a Spin Wheel flash on the screen but zero time to react. It’s not on long enough to even read the details and for sure not long enough to reach the keyboard or controller button. Sort of pissing me off so just wondering if others get the same or am I just the “lucky” one.

There are sometimes a delay and you could actually use the wheelspin before getting the notification. For example, if you spend SPs to unlock a wheelspin on a car, and that was enough to push you into the next level, you will get 2 wheelspins. 1 for the SPs, and 1 for the level up. Then when you back out to the game, you will get a flash notification that you earned a wheelspin but you will have already used the spin. Hopefully this helps.

Thanks but that’s not my problem. I’m not near the level of points to actually get a wheelspin. It’s really more of a tease effect where I suddenly get a quick small message in the middle of the screen saying Wheelspin Available but no time to react to it. This only happens though with some new cars out for the first time drive.

Middle of the screeen? That sounds like it’s the Skill Point available notification, not the Wheelspin notification.