Mentality of some Forza players

I did a few hours of racing earlier, racing clean and all im hearing is: ‘silly little boy because he likes to win all the time’, ‘cheater’, ‘its not fun when the same people win’, ‘cheater is in 1st again’, ‘hacker’, ‘lobby killer’ etc. being aimed at me cause i keep winning…some people just aren’t right in the head.

I pick slower cars and still win and its the same old story.

All the while the group of guys are talking about crashing people out who are driving certain cars. They complain about Jeeps, yet they drive them. They crash others out, yet when they get hit by someone else by accident, they go crazy.

I wish i could record chats because the abuse is disgusting.

I cant believe this is the mentality of people playing online on Forza.

You can report, block, save replays etc. but as long as this mentality is in the community. It will never go away.


I wouldn’t let them bother you, Raul. Those are the failed of the fails. The immature millenials who think they deserve adulation and trophies for everything they do.

Their mommies coddle and dote on them, but when they get in the real world and quite suddenly realize they’re not as special as they’ve been brainwashed into believing, they lash out. Because of their pronounced anti-social behavior, and never learning the consequences of being spoiled brats their world becomes theeatened. That little slice of video-game land becomes their Alamo - which they will defend with all the might of a biting, scratching 6-year old girl.

Let me tell you, I can’t mute everyone in the lobby fast enough when I enter a public lobby. Between them all beating their chests arguing over who is cooler, or who is more important or who can swear the loudest I find it impossible to concentrate.

At the end of every Forzalition Derby I turn out the lights, close my eyes and just hope these terds are the exception, rather than the rule.


Been in the same situation myself quite a few times, these kind of players sometimes make me sick, I’m a clean, fair racer and get a load of abuse for winning, but these guys constantly wrecking others and themselves and shouting abuse at anyone who accidently taps them or wins the race won’t be going away as the whole record/report just doesn’t work, it’s sad really, there are lot of clean racers and decent people in public lobbies but these guys are putting them off, me included


Does someone actually go to public hoppers?

I havn’t been in one in 6 months

Public lobbys, Even the Pinnacle “league” is a joke.
For food racing you have to host a lobby, but for that you need friends, or at least people who know that you are hosting a lobby

But to get to know these people… well it’s not so easy.

FM4 had public hosted lobbys, after that you have had only friend groups, and serius racers in serious races. and wreckfest.
To be honest I’mjust about given up with FM6, I have only couple things I join up anymore (Failrace fiming and Forza Friday)

Other than that there is only hardcore racing and nothing casual going on.

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I got this sort of treatment back in Horizon 1, not because I always won, (I hardly did, but I didn’t care. It’s just fun right?) but because I wouldn’t move out the way for someone who thought they were faster. I would spend hours practising, got my rivals rank to about 180 with all non-glitched times so I was pretty quick. If I was in a race and accidently hit some one, I would appolagise and let then past but it rarely happened for me, mostly I got a tirade of abuse for blocking or being a lousy driver.

After this happened for some time, I noticed repeat offenders, so I wrote their profiles down, and if I encountered them again, I would leave the lobby and find another.

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Just use party chat and then you don’t have to listen to those comments. Makes the online interactions more bearable. At least your quick enough to escape the love taps.


HLR Juggernaut and all those others looking for “friends” and fast and fair racers,join FACR (Fast and Clean Racers) on facebook,a growing community with weekly hotlap comps AND a Meeting Point for lobby interested racers. I run (with some friends) several different Facebook Forza Groups,but I’ve never seen 400 + guys in a group in total harmony,helpful and no complaining.
Don’t give up on racing online,when you haven’t tried this one.
Facebook,groups,Forza Motorsport 6,Fast & Clean Racing.


I know right and I know the Forza team can solve this because you see games like Asseto Corsa, Iracing, etc making it so it wont happen in their games.

It’s because these idiots are driving like it’s Need for Speed or GTA and don’t even understand basic concepts like the racing line. So whenever they face someone who knows what they’re doing they have no idea why they lost, and then they instantly call cheats. I think it’s safe to assume that they have never played a racing sim before and their toxic attitudes / wrecks are mostly due to incompetence. I’m not the fastest guy out there but I have been accused of cheating before, and I found that being nice and giving tips to people tends to quell them a bit. Of course that obviously isn’t always going to fix the problem, but I do believe if people had more knowledge on how to play a game like this the toxicity and wrecks would go down considerably. Unfortunately there isn’t any tutorials anywhere in the game itself to have these players learn, and people who go out of their way to look some up online are in the minority. So having that as a feature in the next Forza Motorsport would be lovely.

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Did a millennial kill your dog or something?

NFS requires considerably quick reaction times and GTA is deceivingly complex. And both games require you to understand the concept of a racing line.

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Yep, there are lots of people that talk the talk in the hoppers, then whinge when i beat them round the Alps in my GT2 RS, when they are driving the 08 Viper. I don’t have a mic, bit love to listen to the arguments/moaning. Don’t often hear it in APAC time zones, but as soon as Europe, and especially when the US wakes up, the sense of entitlement goes through the roof.

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Hmm EMW Raul. Unbelievably I was in that hopper with you last night. I arrived after the hopper had been going for some time. I have to say that when I arrived the chatter was not about that you “kept winning” they were complaining that you and your friend also with the name EMW as a prefix were not overtaking cars you were going right through them to get to the front. It only took me until the first race to see that they had a valid complaint. The idea of racing is to race clean and fair. What you and your friend were doing was anything but. In-fact you went out of your way to slam and wreck other racers. So eventually both you and your friend were kicked from lobby. You had obviously upset enough people for this very rare event to happen. Not once were the complaints about you “winning”. In fact I don’t think anybody cared about where they came. They just wanted a clean race. With you and your friend in the lobby this was not going to happen. Once you were ejected everybody had a much better time.

Always 2 sides to every story!


Like you said, there’s always two sides of a story - and sub-story. I’ve never raced with Raul nor am I a LB top 10, but there’s a fine line these days between “holding your line” and blocking on purpose. I’ve raced with some of the fast guys and never saw them “crashing others” to get passed if the rest of the lobby apply good racecraft like we all preach to apply. But sometimes it seems that if people know there’s some of the top LB drivers or other fast guys around, their racecraft changes and they start going to further lengths to not let them pass, like double weaving and break tapping mid corner which makes it difficult and frustrating to pass. So why does the faster guy with his alleged “crashing tactics to get passed” get kicked out and not others that are blocking, double or triple weaving, break tapping etc not get kicked out. Throwing stones are easy, but recognising the stone that you are throwing is much more difficult.

Like you said, there’s always two sides of a story.


That is rather interesting , and I agree with you on that that there is always 2 sides in the story.
I can’t say I know EMW Raul but I have raced a bunch of EMW guys. (Including Raul) both in public and in private lobbys,

I know that most EMW guys are faster than me, and there might be some paintswapping going on in overtakes, but WHY there is that paintswapping, well For most of the time I could traceit back in to MY line, or MY errors.
Just coming that tiny bit too fast in to turn trying to defend, and having to brake mid corner to avoid going wide.
Trying to cut the corner as deep as possible, and kerb or grass unbalances my car, causing me to go bit wider and tapping the car on the outside slightly behind me, (at the time it felt that I was pitmanouvered)
Braking bit too early, and after that trying to get to the inside while other car is already there, (Feels like getting divebombed.)
Having poor exit out of the corner, Possibly small slide, and have alter my line because of that, but the other guy ahd great exit and I run on to his line so late that he cant avoid contact. (and again I get pitmanouvered)

Yes there is always a reason why that faster guy is pulling those dirty tricks.
How ever, if one would really look at it properly, the reason is the lines that the slower car took.

If this is true then im very suprised, i have raced with the EMW guys before and i cant fault them. EMW Raul please defened yourself and your team. What the hell happened for you to get kicked

Clearly you weren’t listening then. It was 100% about me winning. All the quotes i put at the start of this thread, was the things that were being said about me (there were more, but im not a tape recorder) and there is absolutely no doubt that is what was said. I may not have proof but im certainly not deaf, nor would i waste my time lying about something like that.

Thats again not true. Considering that there were like 5-6 in the group that were crashing and the lobby had 9-10 people. I think youve easily confused yourself with who actually caused the accidents. Everytime i was near one of the guys in the group that were complaining about me they would try to crash me off.

They discussed numerous times in the lobby that they should crash anyone using a Jeep for example.

At the last race before i was kicked at road america full alt, my team mate was piled up at the start by some of the group. Then the next 2 ahead were part of the group, another guy wasnt. I got past the first one clean and at the next right hander he tried a full speed t-bone, which i dodged cause i saw it coming from a mile away. Then i caught the next 2 guys and i waited patiently behind as they were busy racing themselves. I got past the guy who wasnt in the group.

On my first attempt at getting past the guy who was in the group, on the exit of the small left right chicane, he was on the far left and i was on the far right about to go past and he starts drifting across the track and straight into me, even slamming the brakes i couldnt avoid him coming across. But i waited until he sorted himself out and then carried on and got past on the run down to the next right hander. Even after all of that, the first thing he says next is ‘he was trying to take me out on every corner’ even though i followed him and the other guy for nearly an entire lap (going much slower than i could have), just so i wouldnt cause a collision.

So dont even bother, trying to tell me i was driving through people.

I didnt crash people out, so im not sure how they had a valid complaint.

Which is exactly what i was doing and look at the sort of comments i was hearing in chat, which i quoted.

Absolutely not true. Considering I was mostly starting on pole and just driving off, im not sure how i was going out of my way to slam and wreck.

But in fact, that is exactly what people in that group were doing i.e. going out of their way to slam and wreck others.

Well thats inevitable when only the group that is crashing is left in the lobby and me and my team mate are there, plus another random guy or two. So count the numbers, there were enough in the group of crashers to kick us out.

So dont make it sound like there were 24 people and i got kicked because its definetly not like that.

Youre right, i upset people by winning all the time.

Plus as i mentioned earlier, its not very rare to get kicked when theres a bunch of people hating on others and they have enough people in the lobby to kick as will.

They were. If i could record the chats and share it, you would soon realise otherwise.

Thats not a fact and they 100% did care where they came, hence comments like ‘its not fun when the same person is winning all the time’, which was undoubtedly said.

Sure they did, by discussing how they should crash jeep drivers for example. Very clean racing indeed.

Ofcourse not because the group were too busy crashing us and other people driving certain cars.

Ofcourse they had a much better time because they could actually win a race and they didnt have me and my team mate to crash anymore, so they focused on racing instead.

True theres always 2 sides to the story. The only problem is that your story is not true. I saved plenty of replays which im gonna report. If I crashed others (which i didnt) then i should expect a ban soon. But that wont happen as i was racing clean.

Its funny how far from the truth you are. But anyway ill carry on doing what i do, which is racing clean and listening to abuse coming my way for absolutely no reason.

Also if i was crashing the lobby like you put it, why would i go straight to the forum to complain about the people i was crashing? You got to be joking right.


^^ great back story!



It’s not just “the racing line” these people need to learn - it’s patience, and respect and the fact that you can’t win every race, or beat everyone every time. If you can’t understand that your opponents are actually other human beings all competing in the same game, and that they may have spent hundreds of hours practicing and honing their skills then maybe it’s YOU who shouldn’t be on the same track as them.

And I’m not the only person who takes issue with the mindset of a certain age group (Millenials) who seem to think every one else on the planet is nothing but a pylon to race around, or bowling pin to knock down. If you can’t face your oppoent on a even playing field and respect their dedication and skill then it’s YOU who’s the problem.


I’m a millennial. Not to be that guy but I bet I am probably a faster and cleaner driver than pretty much 99.5% of Forza, including you… Stop blaming us for your problems!

Edit: I guess I was misunderstood. Age is not a factor in determining ability or racecraft in the game. Just because someone is say, 14, doesn’t mean they are incapable of racing competitively and respectfully without ruining someone else’s day. Despite other’s beliefs (RP) many of us are not on the game driving like others are just moving targets. In fact, just like a huge majority of gamers on here, we too are race fans, who play the game to experience the joy of close competitive racing just like we see on tv. Not everyone thinks this is NFS. /rant