Manual grid ordering in private multiplayer

The new MP got less grid options than fm7.
You can’t even choose manual grid.
Please add that.

We also need the ability to add AI!


Manual grid is absolutely integral to private lobbies and racing series. Needs to be added asap


Yes. Please allow the addition Drivatars like we can add in free play. That way if only a few friends are playing in a private multiplayer match, they can fill the field with AI so that they get the experience of a full grid.

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Why won’t Forza allow the filling of private lobbies with AI opponents? I have a group of 4-5 friends that like to have our own private races but it sucks to have to choose between only having 5 cars in a race or opening up the lobby and inevitably having people just crashing into other cars on every turn. This is not a complicated request. It was a big complaint many people had in Forza 7 and has even been a feature in other versions of the Game such as Forza 5. I feel like the devs don’t want it for some reason so they just ignore the feedback and it’s infuriating to not even get a response.

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Its because the AI drives stupid and is scripted. With their behavior and stupid braking, i don’t think it would be fun.

But there is more than one topic or suggestion about this problem.

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I honestly don’t know why this was removed. It makes league organization so much more difficult


Not having a manual grid setting for multiplayer lobbies is problematic for those in leagues.
Will this be added on 10th October?


Agreed. A massive step down from FM7. Really hope this changes ASAP.


We did a private multiplayer session last night, and suddenly thera are 30 people in the discord. We decided to split up, but did something like a qualifying to compare the drivers with the same speed to each other. It took a while, because we don’t need to do this since FM3, but finally we succeed. Then we started in random grid, to save some time.

But thinking of something like this in the future, when we want to drive a qualifying and also start in these positions, we need 20 minutes just to set that up. Then we got to drive 1 lap to recreate the order. That wasn’t fun back in the days.

Also dissapointing: If you set up a race where the best lap counts for the win (qualifying workaround from fm7), the table in the upper corner shows the distance to your opponents, instead of the laptime list - like in featured multiplayer qualifying.

Sorry for some difficult explanation, but i don’t know how all the options really called in the english version.
But translation also isn’t forza strength. If i save a tuning it writes “Melody gets saved” (back translated from german). Always funny. They also took with a translation mistake from FM7. I can’t live without Nieselregel no more.


Really can’t believe this basic of features was removed or not added. Online racing series need this asap


You also can’t sort your next race based on last Grid Position, only best lap-time, which is insane


100% Agree

I host a 15 - 24 person private lobby and we usually do a qualifying race where I manually check everyone’s times and then position them for the main endurance race. I cannot do this currently. Meaning I won’t be able to participate in the races. I will have to “grid” everyone IN GAME and then do a pace lap as a pace car so that we start fairly!

Incredible that we have gone backwards in what a “Motorsport” game is supposed to be.

Please bring back manual grid option AND/OR bring the qualifying from open multiplayer to the private multiplayer.

Thanks Forza

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We have this feature in FM7, but not in FM2023. When a large number of people, such as over 10 people, join together and play a game, the game session becomes so unstable that we experience a number of people crashing the game every time. Our group initially races a few laps for qualifying, and then sorts the grid position by fastest lap times in the session lobby for the next main race. However, when the user crashes the game, the previous records are reset and placed in last place when they rejoin the session. It would be great if we able to change the grid to place the user to right position who game is crashed or something like giving the penalty for some users. This feature is missing, making the game very inconvenient.