Multiplayer grid ordering options still incomplete

So … given two years T10 have added cars, tracks, night and rain and countless other fantastic things.

Distance meters are back. Good. T10 might be listening to the community. Then I get someone to check the Multiplayer lobby settings… unfortunately they couldn’t find 5 minutes for the intern to add lobby points to the grid ordering options.

Oh and we still can’t save settings like we could in FM3 and FM4.

Massively disappointed. Exceedingly happy I didn’t pre-order, let alone waste £81.99.

Bad form T10.


Totally agree. Massively unhappy about not having Grid Ordering options to get the qualifying order, which is a major issue on organised Private League racing. Was definitely expecting it to be in FM6.
Here’s hope the issues with the Random got fixed.


I miss some more Grid Ordering Options too.


Come on Dan, please add the lobby points and order based on them to at least private rooms. Would make a massive difference and be a huge help on tournaments.


Another voice here. Multiplayer grid ordering it’s a major tool to make private tournaments with friends. For a game that prides itself for being about the community this is a massive flaw.

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Dan, traduz lá isto se fazes favor: queremos ordenamento da grelha de partida, seja por lobby, random ou qualificação.

Quando o fizerem, ensino-te a agradecer em português.