Questions about private lobbies options

The game looks great with these seven new tracks and the cars that are being revealed.

But i have a question about the private races…

In FM4 we got the option to sort the starting grid by the points earned in the lobby. This way, the more races you win, better position in the next race starting grid.

That was very usefull to create great private championships because you can simulate a qualify session before the main race. This feature/option disappeared in FM5 and I don’t see any new info about that concrete point.

If there is somebody who can answer it will be nice!


** I have seen today in the Gamescom2015 some new features about sorting players including some kind of mods to get new handicaps, but still not info about sorting by points.

That is sounding like it’s a Single Player feature, where you can up the difficulty level to increase in-game rewards.

As for Private Multiplayer races we only know one thing currently: They exist.

We have nothing on lobby options whatsoever right now and unless Turn 10 is going to be doing a “Multiplayer Spotlight” article before launch you won’t know anything until consumers have the game in their hands.

Agree. Let’s see if T10 can give us some news about that soon.
It’s something that is killing me since the first day of this gen. xD