No manual grid ordering in private lobbys

there is no option to change the grid manually in private lobbys, this was a function on FM7, but not on the new one and i think it needs to be implemented as its a needed function for running private championships

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thanks, iv voted :slight_smile:

FM7 had the skeleton of a good private lobby. I would argue that the only improvements needed were the option of a rolling start and qualifying like we see now in Motorsport.

I feel like they’ve given us TOO MANY options but not relevant ones. Teams and groups…maybe they have something cool planned but I’d rather just have the proper basics.

I host a 15 - 24 person private lobby and we usually do a qualifying race where I manually check everyone’s times and then position them for the main endurance race. I cannot do this currently. Meaning I won’t be able to participate in the races. I will have to “grid” everyone IN GAME and then do a pace lap as a pace car so that we start fairly!

Incredible that we have gone backwards in what a “Motorsport” game is supposed to be.

Please bring back manual grid option AND/OR bring the qualifying from open multiplayer to the private multiplayer.

Thanks Forza

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This is mentioned elsewhere on the Forum multiple times but I can’t see that an official suggestion has been made.

For racing leagues, having a manual grid setting (like we had in FM7) is essential as there are alternatives that just fastest lap or finishing order don’t meet - eg, Championship/league order - and having to run a one lap race to set the order of the next race is ridiculous.

Please could you implement Manual Grids as soon as possible. Thanks.

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I agree.

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:100: agree with this idea.:+1:t3:

:100: agree with this idea