Making the switch from console to a custom PC

If you had the chance to build your custom gaming PC from scratch again and you wanted performance that rivaled the new XB1 Series X what would you build??

I have been happy with the console’s since the very first 360 and I think the new Series X is going to be awesome. Finally a console with the power and performance to match current custom gaming PC’s. However I’m not happy about the proprietary internal/external storage that is required if you want to use the new power and performance. So with that I’m looking to build a custom gaming PC.

Which motherboard, memory and video card would you like to go with??

AMD are announcing new CPUs and GPUs soon so I would wait and see what they are like rather than upgrading right now.

Other than that, it depends what resolution you intend to play at, ie. to get 4K 60 will need a high end GPU, otherwise for 1080p or 1440p a high end GPU would be overkill.

It doesn’t make any sense because of storage. Storage is expensive and MS solution too.

I would get an issue of Maximum PC magazine. They have various builds priced out in the back of every issue. It is a good starting point.

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There are dozens of YouTube videos that will answer this question better than we can type here, FYI OP.

If you want to build the equivalent or better get any current gen CPU (mid tier or up) from AMD or Intel and pair it up with as much GPU as you can afford…while many hold to the pipe dream of having 4k/60 gaming on every single title, I have no faith in that claim, figuring very quickly we’ll see dynamic scaling of new and future games to keep a “Faux-K” locked 60…I may be wrong but…>I limit my expectations :slight_smile:

Remember you’re also paying for a case, power supply, copy of Windows 10, etc.

It’s impossible to say unless we have the exact details of image settings that the Series X will use to run FH4 at 4k / 60.

I have a Ryzen 5 3600 and 1660 Super, and it can hold 60fps for FH4 at 4k High image quality. If I run at 1080p High quality I can get over 150fps, which is not something you can do with a Series X, as far as I’m aware. FH4 is getting a bit CPU limited at that sort of frame rate with that CPU, I would be looking at a minimum of a 3800XT if buying now, but probably the Zen 3 equivalent rather than the current CPU. You should definitely wait for Zen 3 before choosing a CPU, it launches on the 8th. It may be that it becomes the obvious best choice whereas right now Intel gives better gaming frame rates.

For RAM, you don’t need more than 16GB for gaming, as far as I’m aware, because you’re generally only running that one thing on it. More RAM than that is only needed for productivity use, where you’re running lots of applications. There are some small benefits to having more RAM for gaming, in terms of avoiding occasional slowdown, but I’m not aware of games that actually need more than 16GB of RAM, but maybe some exist.

The latest nVidia graphics cards are hard to obtain, and AMD are launching their next gen of cards late this month. The picture of what will be available in terms of price vs performance with the next gen cards will become a lot clearer over the next few months. Availability may well remain poor until 2021.

If you want to record or stream gameplay, then I would only buy an nVidia graphics card, as their hardware encoding is far superior to AMD’s. That could change with the next gen AMD, of course.

Don’t overlook the cost of a monitor to take advantage of the greater power. With a top end graphics card you can do 4k 120fps, but a monitor to do that costs a lot of money. Even if you only want an e.g. 1440p 144hz monitor, once you start looking into transition times, you realise that you get what you pay for, and the best monitors aren’t cheap.

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I was looking to “update” on my current i7, Msi gaming mb, 16GB, GTX970 to i9 water cooled, Msi gaming mb, 32GB and something like RTX2060/70 or in that price range (400 - 500€), case and PSU , but somewhat unexpected demand to change my winter car came along, so it’ll wait. Will be keeping my current drive setup of os 512GB SSD and 2x 4TB+1x 3TB HDD + DVD burner + multi io panel

Oddly my PC is way more powerful than my XBox One, but I have never loaded up Forza 4 on it, because they want to charge me a monthly fee… a GamePass thing. I am not paying for a game that I already own with a monthly fee.

thats good info breeminator, thanks.

the thought of a kick ass gaming pc intrigues me.

This might interest you, some driving game benchmarks with top end graphics cards and various high end screen setups. His setup of 3900X, 3090, and 3 x 1440p 144hz screens is something like £3.5k of equipment.

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I just went to google it and there are quite a few sites giving some equivalence between PC and Xbox Series X. Ryzen 7 2700x +GeForce RTX 2060 , 16 GB Ram , NVMe ssd of course. The whole set up is far more expensive than a XsX at the moment but I would say that this gap is going to disappear in a few months and PC configuration will be opened to updates next year , the year after etc while XsX will remain stuck to its current configuration.

Are you sure you don’t mean RTX 2080? IIRC Microsoft said the XSX has GPU performance equivalent or better than a 2080 Ti, never mind a 2060. But we will know all the answers within a few months and anyone looking at building a whole expensive PC to match or exceed this should certainly wait until then.


I already have a 2080 Ti…lol.

Yes, I don’t think anyone can say right now. TFLOPS has become too misleading with the latest nVidia gen having huge TFLOPS and performance that is nowhere near linearly related to it vs the last gen. So if you look at TFLOPS a 3070 should crush an XSX, but I’m not sure it will in practice, we’ll have to wait and see. I can’t see a 2060 matching an XSX, but you never know, the AMD TFLOPS might be similarly high relative to performance.

Some info on just how bad availability is right now for the latest nVidia cards:

My biggest issue with this next generation of consoles and, indeed, the unavailability of the new batch of both Nvidia and (I’m sure) AMD cards, is Ray Tracing.

Ray Tracing is a hyper-expensive visual effect that…so far…means almost nothing more than cartoonishly-reflective surfaces and puddles (that don’t deform). This, to me, is a waste of resources. The horsepower is simply not yet available (even in the new cards) to effectively make all game’s ray-traced with full Light and Shadow calculations…and still have all these other cool features like, who knows, destructible environments and further shadow distance and…and…and…etc. With RT turned on in current software, the reflections on objects often times look distracting…nothing like being in the middle of a bombed-out Europe in WW2 yet seeing a car perfectly polished and clean :stuck_out_tongue: Um…or a mirror-like marble floor that is covered with debris…but not, I guess, dust…sigh. Maybe its just me…

Fortunately, to keep this on topic, Forza 4 and Forza 7 run great on current gen hardware on PC…and my guess is being able to DISABLE this feature on future FOrza games on PC is going to actually be more beneficial to own these games on PC versus console where, I am guessing, expensive features like Ray Tracing will simply be left “ON”.

I’d love more detailed environments, more post-processing effects and yes…a locked 4k/60…more than I want Ray Traced anything because frankly its still too new. Games like Control are good examples of turning on this option only to find barely any visual improvement (ones that matter, understand) but forcing your framerates and resolutions down to Xbox One levels.

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It’s not just you who is not convinced by RT, or at least the current implementation of it. It frustrates me that a load of horsepower will go on these pointless effects which are typically exaggerated to draw attention unnaturally to themselves, to justify their existence. I hope this new gen isn’t just graphically little different to the current gen, except for higher framerates, resolution and RT because that would be tragic. But when you keep hearing industry leaders using gimmicks and buzz words like RT and 8K and 120fps, you do wonder if that’s all they have to offer.