PC vs Xbox series S


I have a 2060S gpu, Ryzen 3000 series and 16 of Ram, but also an xbox series S.

Its possible for me to download it to either platforms so im looking for facts that help me decide which platform i should play the game on.

PC will probably give the best performance visually, but xbox version will probably be less problematic technically.

I have a bunch of friends that will play on PC if it matters connection wise.

Any fact will be helpful, differences etc

I’m in the same boat, though I’ll likely just flip-flop between both platforms, myself…

Well, it depends what is important to you. Whilst, yes, the Series S may be less problematic (and that’s not guaranteed), using a PC offers up more options.

One thing to bear in mind: If playing on the Series S and wanting to game at 1440p, you will be stuck with 30fps…the 60fps performance Mode is only 1080p for that console. If you like to race online/competitively, then you can go well above 60fps on a PC…on FH4, my 2060 Super could push 1440p Ultra settings and maintain 150fps (albeit using 95% peak performance)…though I was using a 60Hz screen so it quickly became unstable.

If your monitor is only a 60/75Hz model, then it won’t make much difference as the monitor will be the limiting factor

Of course, you could do like the poster above and install on both: Use the PC when you are racing online and whatever and then use the Series S for when you are just messing around, roaming, doing designs etc

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