XsX or PC vs FH5

FH4 having been such a negative experience at its release, I won’t go for buying a pre-release again.
Concerning XsX, first, one more time, the top thing is a graphical improvement when I consider that this part is more than ok and so much in advance compared to other aspects like sounds and game overall quality. Secondly, the most advantage of using a console was that everyone was using the same device. Opening the game to PC players just killed that.So now I don’t see the point of going for XsX.

Change my mind.

You have like 2 years to think about it. Xbox Series X still cheaper than a gaming PC

Series S even cheaper if you don’t care about 4k.

But if you already have a capable PC then yes, play on PC. The only theoretical benefit to using a console is that everything should be guaranteed to ‘just work’ flawlessly, although that hasn’t always been the case for FH4 anyway so that’s moot. But you are less likely to have problems on console anyway. You then just have the problem of paying for Xbox live which is free on PC.

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Consoles are much better and 120 FPS is enough for me. XSX day 1 here with new Horizon 4 and Dirt 5. It will be big!

There are games that are only available on PC, and PC can provide higher performance, but at a higher price. So with all Xbox games being available on PC, going for PC certainly gives better game access and the potential for greater performance.

I don’t think PC performance will be as superior as the TFLOPS figures suggest. 12 for XSX vs 30 for 3080, you’d think the 3080 will crush XSX. But that 30 drops to 15 if all the IOPS are being used, so we’ll have to wait to see the real world performance difference. And to play 4k at 120+ fps you need a screen that is currently very expensive, too.

One specific problem I have with FH4 on PC is that it doesn’t have default support for my wheel, even though it’s the Fanatec wheel with the Xbox buttons. This causes me huge problems with button mappings not working properly, whereas I think on Xbox it was supported natively just like an Xbox controller. FH3 on PC is even worse, it’s nigh on unusable with my wheel as you need a keyboard to use instead of the buttons, as the button mappings work even less well than they do in FH4. These are problems specific to these games, and really shouldn’t exist, but nonetheless it’s a problem with playing on PC that isn’t there on console.

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Tilo38 … we don’t have to change your mind, I f you like playing Forza on your pc, then just go ahead. It’s perfectly fine.
It’s not about selling consoles, it’s about selling the games

Sorry missed your post. I am currently having 2 Xbox therefore not playing on PC + I am glad it’s fine to you that I can play on PC :slight_smile:

The topic was about the benefit to go for investing into the next gen of xbox when game is opened to PC and PC players have advantages of technical performance, key bindings, frame rate, free online …

Possibly I missed something thus sharing my point of view so others can shares theirs. What is your own opinion ?