Lucky 7 Eliminator Car

I DESPAIR !!! lots gunna get this

Do you mean the daily challenge “drive a level 7 car?”?

It’s not worth it, for 1pt or 20FP there are better thing to do with my time.


Hit the nail on the head !!! difficult for a lot of players for a daily

Off the top of my head 3 things that might have been better

  • Complete any Arcade Round
  • Complete any Super 7 challenge card
  • Complete a drag race online

Dailies are supposed to be short hits, having to eliminate upto 6 players (if you are unlucky and don’t find a level 5 car drop) isn’t a quick hit.

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This daily was the only real bad challenge in current season. Had to play about 15 games of eliminator until I got a level 7 (9 actually in the end). But I agree, this is way too much time consuming for a daily.

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Don’t think I’ll get this once I hit my 25 games that’s me finished with this game mode… just not worth the hassle claimed 9 drops in the last game to get the 5 and 7 drops in one game highest was lvl 6

I guess I just got “Lucky” then :wink: Sorry for people struggling. Just fired it up now to try (expecting it to be a pain like most) but had waited on the Eliminator for it anyway, two challenges one race. Third time in I got a Level 7 drop about the same time the survivors were down to 30 so I was done and figured I’d just pass the torch to someone struggling. Everyone made that hard lol… finally found a Level 4 to challenge and let them run away with a quick “Good Game” salute, to eliminate me.

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I got lucky too. Was in a lv4 BMW X5 and got challenged by a lv7 Ferrari. Finish was on top of the volcano. No chance for the Ferrari. Won it and passed it to a guy in the Chola.

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As I said in another thread, this few following dailies are just a nice reason for me not to log into game for few days.

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To be fair this was not too bad for myself. Just start near the perimeter, heading inwards and challenge anything heading outwards (even another Level 1 VW).

Then just scout the perimeter for your next victim.

When I did this earlier today, I just progressed up the levels one at a time and ended up with the beat 5 opponents in a single Eliminator game.

If attempting the Accolades for “The Eliminator”, just wait until your try the “Win a game of The Eliminator without acquiring any car drops” and relying solely on winning your 1st H2H in the Level 1 VW and progressing up the levels…if you are lucky.

I have this special skill set, where I can seem to collide with a single tree a wide open space while trying to avoid it (like auto target fixation on steroids). It sometime feels like there’s a tree-tractor-beam pulling towards them or when driving blind over the crest of a hill, it as if a tree has just been transported to where my landing zone is going to be.

Yet when purposely trying hit something, like a cactus, can miss them every time.

Anyhow, the best I managed over the last two days of trying to complete this accolade was after ending up at the wrong end of the final arena in the Level 10 Mercedes AMG One (FH5 cover car), had to navigate almost the full desert of sand dunes.

Nearly got 1st and the eventual winner was in a level 6 Exocet for crying out loud!

I feel you. I just worked my way up to a level 8 GTR and was miles ahead but somehow got pipped to the finish line by someone who wasn’t even on my radar, literally came out of nowhere. I’m fuming, that was nearly my first win. I had got caught on a tiny rock on the way as well which is just my luck.

Took me about 30 minutes to get the level 7 car. I agree with others, too much time and effort for a measly 1 point on the playlist and a few forzathon points.

Tomorrow’s is you have to win a Horizon Tour event. Easy enough but time consuming.

I don’t understand the devs thinking we want to spend more time doing stuff like this.

Daily challenges should be Drift Zones, Speed Zones, Speed Traps, Trail Blazers etc (anything quick & dirty) or even open world skills, like Daredevil, Clean Racing etc (like it used to be) and that could be completed by accident while just playing the game.

Shows the way they were going with putting online events to complete every week as opposed to once a series, which when they were done in FH, you could just forget about them until the next series.

I think the devs assume that all player just luuuurve online gaming, but some of us actually hate it with a passion.

The only online event I liked in FH4 was The Eliminator in FH4 and was the only thing I even bothered with after rattling off the weekly challeges on a Thursday evening, but The Eliminator in FH5 is a different animal (and not in a good way) and the weekly stuff takes a couple of days sometimes, which is not good at all.

Yet, all the baked-in time wasting while navigating menus and the like has not been streamlined.

For instance, there is ONE Level 1 car in the Eliminator (VW Beetle), so why, oh why is there a select screen for it?

There is no reason to have the Level 1 selection screen unless they were planning on adding additional Level 1 cars later on but we know from the FH4 Eliminator, that never happened.

Saying that, there are so many places in the game that could be streamlined and made menu navigation more fluid, but a new dress and glittery waistcoat are more important.


YES ! That, and pretty much the rest you said too. Of course our whining won’t change them a bit. Quitting the game en masse entirely might, but I doubt it. They already banked the money and there will always be fresh gamers giving it a try through XBox Game Pass to keep the algorithm fires burning.

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It could be worse. Complete 50 laps of the Goliath while drifting backwards without hitting any obstacles within 9 hours while honking in tune to a carol.


Don’t give them any ideas.

I’m sure the devs listen to peoples’ jokes and make them happen!

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Rip you just said Devs listen. Bwahahahaha breathe bwahahahaha.
Just like they read every ticket.
Fun fact- more fashion designers on staff than game designers now I think.

Quota hires more like!


I too, think, that forcing everyone to play the Eliminator, which in my opinion is not fun due to multitude of issues, is a bad idea. Namely blatant cheating happening, and the fact that its much too reliant on luck factor, thus having you to drive in lvl 7 car (why 7 by the way, why not any other number, 2,3,4??) becomes almost absurd, if you are unlucky enough.

Oh, and also the bugginess. Oh my word, this game mode is still broken like no other, in fact I’m sort of ok with the state of the game now in regards to other game modes, even though not perfect obviously, but with the Eliminator, oh boy.

First and foremost, my game freezes for multiple seconds (this happens on PC at least) every single time I get challenged or if I challenge someone, resulting in me basically losing head-to-heads pretty much by default now, if going against similar car lvl at least. Mind, this didn’t happen earlier with FH5, just noticed it today trying to get myself that blimming lvl 7 car. I believe this to be a known issue, however I saw a reddit post stating that this happened to them even in the beginning, so not only has it not been fixed, but for me personally has presented itself as a brand new issue.

Secondly, I still lose all the player markers from the minimap every now and then, and then they just magically re-appear 5 seconds later. Players also quite often disappear entirely in the final showdown bit, nobody on the map, no cars on the screen, nothing. Then all of a sudden, “player x” has won, you finished at 5th message pops up.

Also, and this could also be cheating, people seemingly come out of nowhere to beat me to a car drop, again not sure if this a bug or a cheat, but happens no matter what.

Another one is the fact that right at the beginning of a match a message on the left says, such and such has just got a lvl 10 Hoonigan RS 200. And by this I mean, roughly 5 seconds into a match.

In fact does anyone happen to know what the maximum car lvl from drops is? I have personally seen lvl 7 drops, but not sure if anything higher than that.