Eliminator cheating


I don’t know if I am missing something but I seem to be losing head-to-heads that I just shouldn’t. Just now I was in a Macan against a mini that lost a crash with me and then hit a tree 1.1 miles from the end point and 10 seconds later I have lost. I play on XBox but I suppose some PC gamers can mod stuff, (I used to encounter those types on Counter-Strike a lot!), but is it possible to cheat in game or are people just good at short-cuts? Sort of takes the fun out of what is after all pretty much a limited skill rush game so I don’t get the win-at-all costs stuff. Sort of spoils it a little.


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This mode is just total bs I have nearly 50 games done and gave been put Into trees am yet to find a level 10 car which is more total bs like if I’d of wanted a battle royale I’d off bought fortunate but I hate those types off games playground what ever made yous thi k this would be a good idea plus adding achievements is a insult

can level 10 cars be found from car spawns? I’ve seen 8 and 9 but I’ve never seen any player get a level 10 vehicle.

Anyway, you don’t need a level 10 car. You can get a level 5 or 6 car, win a few h2h games and upgrade that way. Or, beat a player with one and take their car. If you and everyone got a high level car, where would the fun and challenge be.


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I have (once) obtained a level 10 car from a car drop - the Lamborghini I think. Otherwise, the most I’ve got from a car drop is a level 7 car.

Out of nearly 400 matches i’ve only found a level 10 ONCE, same goes with level 8s and 9s but I also start in the same place each time

142 matches, nearly 26 hours, never seen a level 10 drop. I’ve driven level 10s a grand total of twice out of 179 eliminations.

I think you must use different tactics to me FN. I basically aim
to get an early car drop and then take on as many h2h as possible. I have circa 100 matches and I’d estimate I’ve had level 10 cars by the end in about 10 of them (twice I’ve had three different level 10 cars in the same game) - only got to circa 25 final races though. Basically, my aim is to get to the end game with a Hoonigan Group A or get knocked out trying.

I do the same, though don’t usually find and/or beat enough opponents before the final round to get myself up to level 10. Fortunately you don’t need a high level car to stand a realistic chance of winning.

I just got another level 10… found a level 7 959 at the start by the quarry and won 3 H2Hs. Only finished 2nd though.

I think i’ve only driven a ten 3 or 4 times myself…the thing is I dont need anything that high to win. Level 6 is where i’m most comfortable. The Bentayga or the RS4 are both fast enough to get the job done.

highest car i gotten is alvl6 or 7. that it. a macan suv.

I’m just playing this mode for the achievements. I hadn’t seen any level 10 cars until today but I’ve had 2 or 3 of them so far.

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I may be wrong but I think a level 7 vehicle is the highest obtained from the random vehicle drop locations. The only way to a level 8 or higher vehicle is through H2H wins.

So jump in the best vehicle drop and start H2H challenging everyone.

I obtained a LEVEL 8 lambo from a car drop a couple of days ago.

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Not trying to be mean or anything but ya’all need to be more aggressive.

My tips?

  1. Get good at driving in the trees. You need to be “controlled & fast”, not balls out. Read the trees in the distance, not the trees right in front of you. This is your only hope to earn the Underdog trophy because even the Supra is fast in the open fields.

  2. Understand the finish line is LIKELY to be in the opposite direction of the nearest boundary. Always engage while going full speed in that direction. Sometimes I guess wrong, but probably 92% (random made up percentage) of the time I’m already on the way to the win when I honk the horn.

  3. Don’t be scared. Jeeze, I’ve chased people in circles. With a Mini!

  4. Don’t give up, EVER! I won my first Eliminator because we both missed the finish line in an earlier race, only to have me be the first one to recover.

  5. Final Showdown? Look at your map as soon as Head to Heads are nullified. The finish line is going to be in the direction of the most open map. If you’re in Edinburgh… you’re headed south (for example). Be full speed on that edge of the map when he says “GO”.


Just finished a race where I was a level 7 Porsche, can’t remember the name of it but it’s the racing one that looks like a rally car. I was racing a level 3 lancer, both of us started almost equal and both took a straight line to the goal. This level 3 Lancer left me like I was standing still. I don’t understand how this even happens. I have to believe I’m not the only person experiencing being beaten by a much lower level car. Can someone share some insight into what’s going on. To add too the story, it didn’t look like either one of us hit a tree or anything else for that matter.

All the rally cars are slow. The 199 Subaru, the 185 Porsche and the Fiesta. They are great offroad but the top speed is probably 130-135. Its not conducive to winning a sprint. If you want my advice: if you get one, get out of it fast! If its an option when you upgrade, refuse it lol, I do and i’m quite successful.

I find the Fiesta to be a decent competitor. I haven’t driven it much tho.

Depends on what you’re doing with it. If you end up in a sprint down the highway in it, you’re in real trouble. If you’re racing through the forest, on the other hand, you’re probably in good shape.