Looking for people to help me get started drifting

i just got fh2 for my Xbox one and I’m looking for some people who would like to Show me the ropes and bear with me while I learn drifting in this game. Any tips about car setup/tuning is also appreciated. My gamer tag is: DankkNugzz

Hey Bud!
Best way to get started is less power!!!
i use manual with clutch but feel free to start from just manual!
start with a common car that we all know drifts. don’t touch tuning besides gearing / tyre PSI pressure for now. worry about negative camber / positive toe a lot later.
just head down to the airport strip and start from scratch! try do Donuts (circles) start small with the lower power… if you run max perks and run like 600kw you will find it hard to maintain more fragile cornering because you are using gear 5/6 start in gear 2 and work your way up :slight_smile:
any more info PM me

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Always down to give some pointers. Dude above me has the basics down.

Send me a message on Live and my team and I could spend some time helping you progress. It’s been our thing lately.

What we’ve been telling the guys we’ve been working with, though is this:

Car Setup

  • Nissan 240sx SE (S13 hatch)
  • 6.2L V8 swap, but leave engine upgrades stock
  • Sport tires
  • All race drivetrain and suspension parts (to allow access to all tuning options)

Quick Tune

  • Tire Pressures: 25psi (F) and 22psi (R)
  • Final Drive (Transmission): Just long enough that 3rd doesn’t hit limiter
  • Alignment: Negative camber up front, no camber on rear; 1.5 toe up front, -0.5 toe on rear, Caster at 7.0
  • Springs: Make everything soft, with rear softer than front
  • Roll bars: Make soft, rear softer than front
  • Differential: 100/100

Find either a roundabout, solid lightpole, or any kind of landmark (devoid of traffic) and try maintaining drift around whatever landmark you choose in one direction. One you have a hold on that, try connecting corners and making transitions (left-hander to right-hander). If you need any help with ANY of this, send me a message (GT: DMA BostonTroy).

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