Looking for a old friend

Anyone know if Projectmayhem is still around? maybe PpR Mayhem is a possible name also.

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Haha wow, old friend is right. I haven’t talked to him in years either.

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yeah would cool to see some of the old crew back from forza 1 and 2

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I believe if the tournaments stay steady you may see some of us come back. I was racing a little with PpR General the other day.

After the big boom of tournaments from Forza 2 and PGR3 most of us parted ways. I have been playing most nights recently to get back into it, like riding a bike though.

The main issue I am having currently is just finding good people to race with. Lot of new faces out there that I haven’t had the pleasure of racing with and getting to know.


I don’t know about being an old “Friend”, but I am an old racer from Forza 1 and 2. I missed Forza 5 due to the bad reviews from friends and the FM community reports from here.

I remember Mayhem helping me out in Forza 1 and I did use some of “MUFFENMAN’'s” tunes.

When GTDon started the “IFCA” racing Org. I started racing with them in late Forza 1

I joined ETZ Motorsport team in mid Forza 2. I was only fair racing the Ovals in Forza 3 & 4.
There are some of the better racers in the TORA racing series. http://forums.theonlineracingassociation.com/

Forza 6 is not too good for Wheel racers. I finally got Forza 6 this past Christmas and a Thrustmaster TMX wheel a couple of months ago.
I think most of the top racers are waiting to see how Forza 7 works out in October

Good Luck

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You may try EMW Mayhem ll or EMW Mayhem 77
I think he is playing PS4

What’s up Omega! How have you been? Tomcat good to hear from you as always! Muffinman we all old now lol! I am still playing I do have an Xbox one and Ps4. My gamertag is still EMW Mayhem II (II is 2 i’s) hit me up! I’m streaming on youtube as well! Hit that subscribe Mark of Mayhem.

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