Anyone still play forza 4

If anyone still plays forza 4 I’m looking start some racing series on there also looking to add members to my team or maybe join a team


Ya I still play.

yup…we are still here

Still running F4 meets in our club!

Check us out at

If registering, please use your gamer tag…

We are a team run by team, no dictators or big ego drama…just a group of clean respectable drivers!
Club formed in 2011 and we have done well! Overall track ranking topped at #97…on F4.

Also we are hosting events on F6…

Hope to share track time!

I did play until I was wrongfully banned on the 9th for selling Glow paints, and nobody warned me that it was wrong…oh well, this game is basically shutting down soon anyways.

YEP, banned without a warning to stop doing it…sad World we’re in, eh ?

I enjoyed Forza 4 for years until something happened which caused my game to be messed up (there’s a thread elsewhere about this, so I won’t take up yr time explaining). The bad part is, I spent lots of time, effort and some money trying to correct the problem.

The good part is, I went back to Forza 3 and discovered I like it more than FM4! Yes, there are some improvements in the later versions, but for each advance in graphics, additional tracks & cars, etc., there are also some serious drawbacks (IMO).

So, if anyone still has Three and wants to do some racing, please send me a message. I play it a LOT (seriously, I think I’m online for at least an hour a day).

looking forward to meeting more clean racers in Forza Three…

It took a very long time (my fault really) before I figured out that my Forza 4 difficulty was caused by a bad Kinect unit.
Now I’ve reinstalled and I’m enjoying Forza 4 again (though silently). Those who thought I talked too much are probably glad I am now without a mic. Anyway, you might want to read my post about the brand-new"Bilstein historic" racing series. A couple of us have tried it out and it’s really a lot of fun. Even racers who turn up their noses at any car slower than R3 may be surprised how much fun you can have at 160 mph and under…

Hi can someone help me with a problem that happened on forza 4???

I can try. What kind of problem?

still playing, from Chile!!

Can sum1 give me like 5mil I’m broke

Go to the Forza 4 Racers Lounge and check out some of the current Time trials going on.

some give Credit$ for just racing and posting a picture and a time.

I’ve gotten about 200 million Credit$ in the last few Events.

Good luck!

I been trying to recruit people for my club and start up a Forza 4 racing league for clean racers… if you want to work together let me know we can merge clubs or keep them and start up a joint league

Hey there, I still play Forza 4 from time to time. I just can’t seem to find a race now days (LOL!)

Although using my fiancée gamer tag (gsychik1966) I’m actually a guy. Use controls one handed as unable to use right hand. I play forza 4. Have most of others too. I’m happy to team up with other drivers. If anyone wants to send request you’re more than welcome.

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I still play, in fact I have to start all over coz somehow all my saved game data got saved under my roommates gamer tag and I don’t know how to retrieve it. If you can help me with that I’d be very grateful as I spent years building it all up. Got a you tube page and everything. When you get on to race look me up and or add me as a friend and I’ll race with you. PGMOTORSPORTS.

What the hell kinda question is this

I still play also, and am also looking for a car club, clean racer here, add me TheGame1083
US East (UTC -5)

Yep. Been wanting this game since it was released and I just got it a few days ago. I still have my original XBOX and Forza as well. I still have to get Forza Motorsport 3. Love the series! Beats Gran Turismo in my opinion.