I need some racing friends

So I’ve been a quiet forum lurker for a long while but in order for me to get some new friends I figured I’d post here and see what happens. I’ve been playing forza since 2 and while I’m not a leader board contender I feel I can be a challenging competitor. I run mostly A class as that’s where I’m most comfortable and I don’t prefer leader board cars. The hoppers are a mess as most of you know and most of my finishes are top 10ish if I can avoid being crashed every lap. But I’d like to find some like minded people to run with where I can actually find out if the cars I’ve built are competitive. So here it is. Hope to see some of you on the track real soon.


Add everyone on the list and add your gamertag so people can add you.

Feel free to add me gt: ERT Fish

Hey thanks for the response. I wasn’t sure anyone was going to see this let alone actually respond.

No problem! Best of luck on the track…except if you against me! Lol j/k

Feel free to add me as well; I’m on a lot during the evenings

Ive been looking for the same exact thing since I bought this game add me I play whenever im not working…

Virtual Vintage Motorsport is looking for drivers. Feel free to check out the site HERE. We are currently in testing for an FIA Group A series that consists mainly of lower-mid A Class cars. We will also be hosting Historic Sportscar Racing series (multi-class) with some A class cars as well. We will occasionally run higher class series as well (Group 5, CanAm, Grand Prix, etc), but our primary focus is cars that are fun to drive and competitively matched across the board.