Looking for a B-class Lotus Elise build

I am looking for a build that keeps the Elise in the B-class that will out perform other 698 Elise’s (lowest class in the Euro group) for exhibition play.

I am a complete newb still playing with assisted brakes and automatic, while also knowing nothing about tuning cars. I’m hoping to use this car limitation to slowly build my driving skills. I do keep the drivatars at one of the higher settings (Above Average or Highly Skilled) and want a car that can out perform the rest of the field to make up for my underdeveloped skills.

Since the stock model starts at 680 I know there are very few options to get an edge over other builds. Since I plan on saving tuning last for my development, I am willing to limit my ability to tune in this group. Or if you know of another group of cars that only has one option for the lowest class but with more customization room, I am willing to consider it. I’ve already gotten a Polaris buggie build that I like, so maybe the Elise can be more taylored for street courses and the Polaris for off roading.

Thanks in advances

This isn’t what you want to hear, but I’d recommend driving stock or auto-upgraded cars and just focusing on learning to drive without assisted braking and automatic transmission. Set the AI to whatever level gives you a challenge, and work on your driving. You’ll learn a lot more this way, and you can gain a lot more performance than any tune will ever give you.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve been struggling to prioritize the steps to becoming a non assisted player. During the Boss Forzathon I even reset my game to take a different approach because I was finding myself trying to preserve an unearned win percentage and not trying to advance my skills. With a XP boost car I figured I could lose more to a better AI and keep a decent XP income going then tackle one aspect at a time.

While running five lap Goliaths, I’ve noticed some curious behavior out of the drivatars. I wanted to use the Elise challenge to see if my cornering is just that bad or to see if the drivatars will drive their cars beyond their limits to maintain a relative challenge based on the difficulty setting.


If you use stock builds definitely limit the field of entrants to that car.

If you don’t you will get other cars replicating the performance from well “built” cars.

Auto upgraded cars in FH3 are a long way off the best builds, moreso than any previous game.

Stock tunes in the game are understeery. The understeer can be tuned out which means when you are up against drivatars replicating tuned cars behavior they will turn better than untuned cars.

My suggestion is turn off autobraking. Keep ABS on if you need to but turn off autobraking. Then either use stock builds or tunes from Raceboy77, I would not use autoupgraded cars as compared to the drivatars they will perform badly.

I find some of the stock builds near impossible to win a race with, some are just way too slow, some slide off the road at the slightest bend and aren’t realistic at at all. That’s not rubbishing the cars or the game it’s just a fact in racing type games where they try too hard to be realistic, and it just doesn’t work.

Im no good at tuning cars at all so just like in real life I get somebody else to do the work for me, in this case it’s the Tuners Garage on this forum. Look in there and you’ll find all kinds of tunes and tuners after a while you find there’s a couple or more guys that have the tunes you need and you can follow them.

I find that generally you’re best keeping the cars in the same class but as high as they can go, I generally find my classes are A or under where I can control them enough to win quite a few races. But everyone has their own ability and some might like to go higher, I do have a few in S1.

I love this game and even though I have Assetto Corsa, I find this game just gives you so much to do it’s very hard to get bored.