In need of a public racing NON X-Class Leaderboard car!

Ive been really bored like 75% of the community with Forza, and i was wondering if anybody could possibly tune a sweet car to run around against the x-class Lotus with. It would be sweet if somebody could atleast guide me in the right direction for a fun pub x-class NON Leaderboard car :slight_smile: Thanks

Don’t assume that %. People who visits these forums is just a very, very small fraction of the people that own Forza 5. Game has sold over 1.22 million copies. No where near that many visits the forums. Even with Twitter & Facebook, not even close.

I used the Audi e-tron for fun, couldn’t get in first with good people playing, but I could still finish in the middle. If the p class wasn’t so overpowered with the Mazda you have to pay for, I would race it more.

Not possible I’m afraid bro.