"Look back" input mapping on Wheel

On PC I managed to configure my steering wheel as I wanted.
I had to find the file in which the keys profiles are saved. Not so easy, because files have no extension, and names are randomized at each launch. I sorted files by last save date and opened them all in a text editor. The keys layout file is an XML file looking like ths : <KeyboardProfile Version=“3” …

File shold be located here :
C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.624F8B84B80_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs[some random numbers]
… in one of the subfolders (sort them by last modification date)

Then I had to figure out how the file was organized, and how to assign my keys.
I edited the 1st custom wheel profile. It looks like this :

<RawGameControllerInputMappingProfile Version=“3” Id=“9600c3da-05af-4c08-9f55-8d920f181470” UserFacingName=“IDS_CustomWheelProfile_1” IsDefaultProfile=“0” PrimaryDeviceVidPid=“74302031”

I guess the device VidPid is unique for each wheel (74302031 means Logitech G29 i presume).
The key assignements are organized in different contexts :
Context Version=“3” Context="INPUTCONTEXT_RACING_UI

That means you can customize different keys for different contexts.
For instance I managed to use the +/- keys on the G29 to radio station +/- in freeroam, and to telemetry page +/- when telemetry is activated.

This is how assignments look :

    <InputCmdLow VidPid="74302031" InputType="Button" Index="0" IsPrimary="1"/>
    <InputCmdLow VidPid="74302031" InputType="Button" Index="1" IsPrimary="1"/>
    <InputCmdLow VidPid="74302031" InputType="Button" Index="2" IsPrimary="1"/>
    <InputCmdLow VidPid="74302031" InputType="Button" Index="8" IsPrimary="1"/>
    <InputCmdLow VidPid="74302031" InputType="Button" Index="10" IsPrimary="1"/>
    <InputCmdLow VidPid="74302031" InputType="Button" Index="6" IsPrimary="1"/>
    <InputCmdLow VidPid="74302031" InputType="Button" Index="7" IsPrimary="1"/>

You have to change the number for the Index value to the desired value. And sometimes set IsPrimary to 0.
Values for G29 :
0 cross 3 triangle 1 square 2 circle
8 share, 9 option, 24 Playstation
6 R2, 7 L2, 10 R3, 11 L3
20 -, 19 +
23 rotary enter, 21/22 rotary but it sens double input

For D-pad it’s even more complex
InputType=“Switch” Index=“0” SwitchPosition=“Up” IsPrimary=“1”
SwitchPosition can take values : Up, Down, Left, Right

It was really painful but I was able to configure everything I wanted.

I think with this method and by you using the VidPid parameter, you can configure so that multiple controllers can be used at the same time (logitech wheel + thrustmaster shifter + chinese handbrake for instance).

xbox is no good for wheels anyway… even in the sims the xbox cannot recognise 2 buttons on a g920… thats a wheel made for xbox!!!
No calibration standards within xbox, i think some wheels have apps, some dont…
not being able to read all inputs is very poor in 2022
It just tells me with basic errors like that, then there will be more issues along the way… always

While advanced features on some wheels can’t be used (e.g. special buttons, rev lights), a component of being usable on an Xbox is having all the basic navigation buttons available, which they do. This is because wheels, as far as most things are concerned, map as standard Xbox controls.

This is why it is possible to use a racing wheel in games where it was never expected to be an input.

Please take your misinformation elsewhere, thanks.

Perhaps you should quote who and what you are referring to.

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thanks mate :slight_smile:
i have no idea what infected them…

forums are not for bickering guys… grow up…
my comment was fairly generic about wheels & xbox compatibility… not calling you or yours…