Long time Forza players suggestions.

I have been playing Forza since day one I have won a lot I have lost a lot I have finished well in your Nissan tournament. I have seen a steady increase of what people call griefing now within the past couple games and feels like its being catered to but that’s not the point of this post. It is to give my personal suggestions as a avid video gamer, car enthusiast, professional industry technician.

First off balance within classes we all know it there are leader board cars and there are others which are usually a lot more fun to drive. I know I am one to blame only running leader board cars because well I like to win. I really do enjoy tuning others cars but the balance just isn’t there. In real racing within classes they run standards track width, horsepower limits, weight restrictions even weight penalties. I think that’s what this game needs, I run a F50 in the races because its wins I don’t like the looks I don’t enjoy the sounds but If I want to be competitive I do that. I see people running fun cars and I do the same but I cant keep up with the others. Or I find once my car is within a class it just doesn’t work aka bmw and chevy.

  1. wider track option not the tires but that does count but a wider track vehicle. In racing look at all professional cars they are wider because it handles better is more stable and can fit wider more grip tires. This alone would widen the class options take a z4 for example great car stock but make it s or even a class max ever thing out and you have a 750hp beast with not enough tire or stability under it. The real race car did just that widen it and put more meat on the tires wala they are competitive. Honda, Porsche, BMW, Chevy, Austin Martin, Mini, Mazda, Ferrari, Lamborghini and the list goes on they all do it.

  2. HP limits all classes f1 to spec Miata limit the power output of the cars to help keep balance. Here run what you brought and that’s just one part of why some cars are just so dominant. Put a cap on each class allowing some of the more power hungry cars to run more tire or weight reduction. Prevent wall riders that just overcome friction or 1400hp power houses the unrealistically blow the doors of you in a strait but cant turn to save their life. In real racing we don’t seen that due to this exact reason this is yet another small step that could balance the field and allow more of a competitive variety.

  3. Weight limits and weight penalties, now don’t go flaming this one it is useful to. Yes all real life racing series run do it. It keeps things even between manufacturers varying by power plants, chassis dynamics and arrow dynamic advantages. Here is the advantage allow weight reduction and put the penalties in the proper portions of the car. Balance it out left to right front to back. Keep it low eliminating top heaviness and instability. You will become faster with the same amount of weight in the vehicle along with more stable and enjoyable.

These are just three simple things that could be done to improve the fun and variety of the vehicles run in every class. Making it a more balance and rewarding to drivers skill not car choice to all.

There are stickied posts at the top of this forum for “wishes” in the game: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst207_Forza-Motorsport-5-Game-Features-Wish-List.aspx

Correct but this isn’t a wish list I know it won’t be done I don’t know the coding it could require. This is a simple problem/solution suggestion.