Livery synchronisation from Forza Horizon 5

When do you thing to fix this crap? Since the release of this piece of code (game) some of us are not able to sync our liveries and decals from Forza Horizon 5… Its just pathetic!

Bug Info: Livery/Decal Synchronisation
Platform: Windows Store PC
Edition: Standard
Account: solo account
PC GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 Vision OC

I know there are also some other reports about this but maybe there are not enough…

Do you get any error messages when this happens?
Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

Im sure that this problem was reported many times because it exists since the launch. But yes. Here is a video of it.

You asked for a video, i made a video and 3 days later you or one of the developers still not looked at it. The video has still 0 views!!!

Wasted time to report issues if nobody are interest in it to fix it… :-1:

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It’s been doing this since day one.

Forza Horizon 5 livery editor has features FM2023 doesn’t . In FH5 you have the ability to make the decals glossy or matt, or in between. I’m assuming the liveries made in FH5 simply won’t work in the outdated FM2023 livery editor so they can’t fix it.

Thats not the problem.
I borrowed an XBox from a friend and installed FM23 there. And now guess what works there? I can sync all my liveries and decals without any problems…

My bad, I was making an assumption. So it’s a PC specific issue, throw it in the pile I suppose. The question now is, if the liveries made in FH5 work in FM2023, why doesn’t the FM2023 livery editor allow us to switch the decals between gloss and matt?

I suppose it doesn’t matter at this point, after the hotfix the game crashes so catastrophically in the home menu that it causes my PC to do a hard restart so it’s not like I can play it anyways.