Imported liveries

Hi, i’ve always used the livery editor on FM5 and then imported them to all the newer FM and FH games, as you cant use the editor on later games to import to FM5. Can I still create logos/liveries on FM5 and import them to Forza Motorsport, and can i do that when FM5 is on my One x and FM will be on my Series X? Thanks

You should be able to port from FM5 to later versions through your profile. It doesn’t matter what platform the game is on, just as long as you have your gamertag linked to your profile. I have ported from FM5 into FM6 on the XB1, and from FM5/FM6 on XB1 to FM7 on PC with little issue.

I hope this helps.

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Forza Motorsport is supposedly different to previous versions (“built from the ground up”), so there’s a good chance that there won’t be that ability to import files, much like the switch from FM4 to FM5.

I think a lot of players would like a definitive answer to this, but until Turn 10 address it, I’m assuming there won’t be any carry over. Obviously you have a more optimistic expectation, which is fine by me; I hope you’re correct.


Lovely, Thankyou :slight_smile:

Well i hope that isn’t the case. From the ground up? Hmmm…I’ll take that with a pinch of salt. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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I really do hope that we won’t be able to import any liveries from the previous games. Mainly because the Livery Creator in previous Forza games was simply broken, with many cars having weird paintable areas that don’t really make sense. I hope that FM fundamentally changes how applying decals works on cars and we won’t have that many stretched and abruptly ending layers anymore. Also there are so many car models desperately needing a fix that if they’d recieve the deserved fix any liveries on them would look misplaced.

I hope we able to import vimnls at least

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Was very frustrating to have to make compromises when creating liveries. I imagine that most of the car models will still be the same from the previous games, so the issues will remain…looking forward to finding out :slight_smile:

Turn 10 haven’t confirmed any details about livery editor yet, and whether or not importing is a thing (I hope so because I have 10 years of paint history I want to carry across).

In theory, if you can import from Forza Horizon 5 you’ll be able to port everything from Forza Motorsport 5 onwards.


Since so many things are “built from the ground up” in FM, only old vinyl groups would potentially make sense to be importable. I believe that the vinyl groups are vector based, so to me that would make them usable even in a game where placement grids on the vehicles may be all-new for vinyl groups.

I hope that T10 releases a statement before too long regarding which - if any - files that can be imported into FM from earlier games, or people will get their hopes up and then potentially get destroyed (there are some sensitive people out there).

Getting information on some key features would help people decide whether or not they should pre-order the game or not (and maybe even take a couple of vacation days for the game’s release). NOT releasing fairly crucial information such as which files that can be carried over before game release would feel like a letdown, even if people with really early access might reveal this before release. This information should come from T10, and not from a leak/“influencer”.


Since you’re a livery maker, I’d like to ask you a question: Would you rather have accurate car models, or for all liveries from Motorsport 5 up to be carried over?

I know that the question wasn’t aimed at me, but as a vinyl group & livery creator, I’d prefer accurate car models. I’m so tired of adding vinyl groups to broken car models.
That most likely would disable the livery import feature, but it shouldn’t prevent vinyl groups to be imported, since that’s separate from the car models. I guess we’ll see when the game is released.



If I have to start from scratch I just won’t use the editor at all, a decade and hundreds of hours creating logos and liveries is not something I’m willing to repeat.

I do not have the free time to create that content as much as I had in recent years, plus if I did I would rather create “real art” elsewhere which could be monetised.

If everything the community made became open source and reshareable by default and there was a .svg importer like in Gran Turismo, then maybe I’d be inclined to make a few designs, even if that came at the “cost” of no CR being awarded for downloads and such.


After a bit of thinking, I came to the conclusion that in this case you’re right.
But I forgot about this thing: the Livery Creator in Forza has been pretty much unchanged since Motorsport 2, at least the layer mapping is, which is why some cars have deforming layers in weird places.
If the Livery Creator in Forza was to be changed to your liking (I don’t know what you like but eg. better mapping, more available shapes, .svg importer), would you be okay with starting over?

The key challenge is in logo creation, to create a decent logo from scratch takes 1-2 hours, and if you’re doing an entire car there could be 20-30 similar ones, on top of the 3 hours it takes to design the car itself. I have about 400 in my inventory right now, and my 95 liveries have had over 1.5 million downloads to date across all titles.

I don’t want to spend 40 hours painting a car, I want to spend 40 minutes.

The toolset itself is fine at what it does, it’s just laborious to create complex logos from individual shapes. A .svg import tool and an open source marketplace would cut down on those things.

Also, for all the relative complaints about car model accuracy, they’re still “accurate enough” for me to enjoy them, so I’d rather import everything I’ve got than start over, even if starting over meant having access to better tools.


I will be very disappointed if they have not made major improvements to the vinyl and livery editors. Assuming they keep the existing scalable outline paradigm, there are many enhancements they could implement without necessarily breaking backward compatibility. For vinyls, they should be able to add features like selectable surface and texture type, and mask constraints without changing the fundamentals. There is no real reason why .svg imported elements could not coexist with in-game geometric forms, as well. As for complete liveries, I can see issues if they address the many existing problems with surface mappings. Many cars have noticeable discontinuities, void areas, distortions, inconsistent scaling, areas mapped to an inappropriate view, and other mapping errors that should be corrected. This might mean adjusting and/or rescaling the surfaces on imported liveries, which I would be okay with if it enabled better, more accurate results. Many elements, such as windows, tires, mirror shells, and wings do not allow vinyl application in the current games. Something should be done to lift those restrictions.


I honestly hope that they have produced a brand-new livery system which allows us to paint better, like SVG style or even import SVG files (as it is possible in GT7)

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The question I have about importing such files is whether it’s thought that could leave some sort of backdoor into the code for exploits, etc. Not an issue on Console, but when you leave a door open on top of the inherent backdoors in Windows and Steam then you can invite problems.

I reckon that even if they changed the system it would still be completely closed and restricted to the Forza environment with no “third party” imports possible

They could create a website for importing .svg files that is linked to the game, I think that would be a good way to do it and would be less prone to exploits.

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An excellent idea, and you could even extend that to be able to do some “basic” designs out of game at your leisure ready to import onto different vehicles, and even allow some sharing between users in what would still be a “closed” environment.

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