UI: Option to sync liveries / decals from any FM and FH3 or below have disappeared on PC (1719363)

As the title says, the option to sync from any previous FM, FH3 and below, have disappeared COMPLETELY. You can only sync files from FH4 or FH5 (FH5 import is still broken / unavailable on PC MS Store versions since 11th of October but I digress). I have no idea why they were removed, I could even create new decals in FH3 and they would show up in FM23.

Bug Info: Certain prior Forza titles are completely unavailable to be synced
Platform: PC, MS Store
Edition: Premium
Account: Solo
PC GPU: N/A to issue
Peripheral: N/A to issue
Settings: N/A to issue
Xbox Settings: N/A to issue
Attempted fixes: Restarted the game twice.
Content Update: After Update 5. Prior to this, I could sync liveries or decals from prior FM or FH games.

After update 5 I am no longer able to access my content from previous FM games. Only the recent Horizon games are displayed. Was that on purpose or is this an error. If this was on purpose was this ever mentioned that this was going to take place. I still have hundreds of vinyls that I didn’t transfer over because I didn’t know they were in jeopardy of being lost forever

Ah , someone else has seen this too . Yes I can confirm that FH 5 and 4 are the only ones available . I previously had FM 6 and 7 and was till last update able to access these .
I too had vinals and designs I could have imported over . But many are now lost . I feel the same as you . This was unexpected and really stupid to do . IDK if it was on purpose or just sloppy updates which fix somethings whilst breaking other features that previously worked
Ive not visited this forum site for a long time now but looking at the errors being reported , it is shocking to see how lazy and sloppy the updates are being issued .

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I am in the same boat and worried as hundreds of hours of painting will be lost, also it takes ages to get vinyls from this forza game and even then the picture of the vinyl is missing and i havent named them so its a bit rubbish. hope this is fixed soon

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We think we’ve identified the fix for this one and will hopefully get it released soon. Stay tuned!

When I go to import a vinyl to add to my vinyl groups, the only options to import from are Horizon 4 or Horizon 5. There used to Motorsport 5, Motorsport 6, and Motorsport 7 also.

We are closing out this issue. The developers have noted this issue as Fixed as of Update 5.1 Hotfix on 02.23.24

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