Cant Sync Files from previous Forza title, please try later (FH5) (1772298)

Come across an issue that is preventing me from importing newly created liveries from FH5 to FM.

Eg, created new livery for Acura NSX on FH5 - went to Forza Motorsport to import the livery, and after syncing, it is not visible/available to select.

This had already been noticed, as I don’t have access on FM to liveries I created on Forza Horizon for the Ferrari Roma, whereas I have two shared on Horizon.

Previously created liveries are still showing.

Because the Mod is keep putting this Issue into another Issue Report which IS NOT THE SAME ISSUE i keep posting this one untill its in his own Known Issue Category. @T10ManteoMax
It needs to be fixed.

Still not able to Sync any files from FH5. Paints and Vinyls. It just doesnt work!

I knew they never gonna fix it. I just knew it! The Game is out for 1 and a half month now. So i assume it really never get fixed. I want my Time back!!

Platform: Windows PC (for both …FH5 and Forza Motorsport)
Edition: Game Pass
Account: Solo account
PC GPU: GTX 1070 … but what has my GPU to do with a Server Problem?
Peripheral: has also nothing to do with this Issue! Its on Turn 10 side!
Settings: Doesnt matter for this issue …
Attempted fixes: rebooted, reinstalled …nothing changed
Content Update: its since your Official Launch at the 10.10.2023

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FH5 has a different Vinyls Editor with Matt Colors. This must be the Reason to take this Option away

The few FH5 liveries I was able to import with matte vinyls just made them glossy in FM.

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But there are People who could Sync them and Import them with no Problem. Then they released a Patch for FH5 and it didnt worked anymore. There are People who can still Sync the Files and see them ingame but they cant Import them because of a different Bug!

I cant even Sync the Files I get an Error Message right away! I mean check the Video. Its obviously a different issue as the one where you cant Import files because of “too many layers”.

Im not going to redo all of them just because this Game is a buggy mess! It needs to be fixed!

Can’t sync horizon 5 liveries in Motorsport anymore. It works with all other horizon/motorsport games except horizon 5.
Message says try again later but is has been a few weeks now.
I play on PC


Yes still not working… im waiting for the Update 3.0 and try again but im 100% sure it wont get fixed!

I’ve been trying to sync some files from Forza Horizon 5 into Forza Motorsport but only some of my files actually appear to be synced, can somebody help me sync all of my FH5 livery files?

The game wont even try to sync to forza Horizon5 i cant transfer my liverys over please fix this now

Reporting a similar issue (Xbox Series X).

On October 5 I was able to import the majority of my Forza Horizon 5 liveries with relatively few issues.

Any liveries created after October 5 in Forza Horizon 5 do not show up for import in Forza Motorsport even after a re-sync.

Im having problems of not syncing at all i hope they fix fast

Steam or windows store?

I thought there was an open issue for importing from fh5 from one of those already.

Im on windows 11 so window store and i haven’t seen anything about someone having the same problems i just wish it was fixed asap

Tengo el mismo problema desde que salió Forza Motorsport, no sincorniza nada con Forza Horizon 5. También he informado, pero al parecer no hay ninguna solución aún.

Dang man i hope they fix it soon

This issue is still present after Update 4

The latter half of this video shows my Forza Horizon 5 files.

Compare that to the lost on my site and you can see that a number of recent cars that are available in both games (all created in Horizon 5) do not have importable designs.

For clarity, none of these have paint finishes or manufacturer decals that should block an import.

Yea i just got done with update 4 and man it still not working and i really need it to work because ive been trying to do a nascar series and i made most the paint jobs on fh5 ans i really dont want to redo the paint schemes again and redo the logos again

Update 5.0 now and still not fixed… what a bunch of useless devs!

i’m having the same thing a happen to me