Cant Sync Files from previous Forza title, please try later (FH5) (1772298)

“Design ineligible: The selected design cannot be imported. It contains vinyls or decals that have changed or no longer exist.”

This is the message I’m treated to when trying to import some liveries from FH5 to FM23. I’m fairly certain I know the reason too. Every livery that triggers this message, it has the “Forza Horizon” decal, so because that decal is exclusive to Forza Horizon, it completely blocks import.

We should be able to import these liveries anyways, minus the offending decal(s). One missing decal cannot reasonably make hours of work unavailable.

still broken after 6 months. trash developers istg

Yeap, still broken with Update 6, still can’t sync any liveries or decals from FH5. Last time it worked was before 11th of October, 5 months ago.


it won’t sync at all won’t even try too

Does this issue still persist after recent updates? Do you get any error messages? Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

Do you get any error messages when this happens?
Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

Yea i get a screenshot of error because idk how to upload a video to here

Here’s a video of the issue. Horizon 5 (also MS Store version) import fails with an error but Horizon 4 (no files because I didn’t play it) and Motorsport 7 works flawlessly (and all other Forza titles). This affects both designs and decals.

Additional information: This is on MS Store version of FM, and this problem started October 10-11th 2023, when Forza Horizon 5 received the Día de Muertos -update. Uninstalling and reinstalling both games doesn’t fix the issue, nor is it a machine issue, as it happens with another computer as well.

One way for PC players to import stuff from FH5 currently is using Game Pass Ultimates Cloud Gaming -feature, but it’s not really a workaround when you have to spend ~15€ to get your decals and designs.

Yea thats the what im getting all the time

Hi, i have this issue too. My decals will not sync. No error. When i sync the files, it just says: no file found.
Note: all of my decals are from the FH5’s community.

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Maybe this is the issue?

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@JetPartySalad, just look…

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Nope. I only use vinyl groups created by myself and still get the sync error notification.

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Actually is working now, the new designs that are make on FH5 can now be imported to the MS…
Take a new car in FH5 put all decals that you want to transfer to Motorsposts and save. Now you can import this new design and save individually your decals to Motorsports.

This is still an issue after Update 7, can’t sync files from FH5 (Microsoft Store, PC).

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Yes it is and idk what to do i even Uninstall my anti-virus and that didn’t work

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything. It’s up to devs to fix this issue… or even acknowledge it and put it under Known Issues.


Nope still doesn’t work