Cant Sync Files from previous Forza title, please try later (FH5) (1772298)

It’s working for me… I made my last car yesterday a Giulia Quadrifoglio in FH5 and import without problems in FM…

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Glad you were able to get them transferred. Some of us still are having no luck.

To hopefully get the ball rolling:

Platform: Windows PC
Edition: Premium
Account: Solo Account
PC GPU: MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT, AMD Windows Driver Version
Peripheral: Xbox One S Controller
Settings: RT is off, Car quality on Ultra, Reflections on Low, everything else is Auto
Xbox Settings: Default settings
Attempted fixes: Created Support Ticket and was told it was a known issue.
Content Update: At the release of the game I was able to sync only vinyl groups, but not liveries. Perhaps after the first or second update, I could not sync FH5 vinyl groups either. Prior games do sync.

Did you made your decals yourself or you’re using FH5’s community decals?

100% homemade

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I play the game on Series X…

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That explain this, because FM won’t allow sharing liveries made with community’s decals. I think FH5’s community decals are affected by this too.
[Not %100 sure though]

Bumping this, still an issue in Update 8, can’t sync liveries or decals from FH5. Been an issue for 7 months / 216 days and counting.

Im not surprised

Bumping this, still an issue in Update 8, can’t sync liveries or decals from FH5 (MS PC). Been an issue for 7 months / 216 days and counting.


Just purchased the game today. Sad to discover this bug has been around since release and no fix.

And pretty sure after this update its still broken

Correct. Been an issue for 8 months or 244 days and counting.

Although this patch was a smaller one… maybe U10 might bring some hope, if it’s a bigger one?
EDIT: IT’S BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED YAAAAAAAY now I am hopeful it’s getting fixed soon


Please dont lie ? Has really been acknowledged

Ok so they know its a problem but its only on steam i got my through Microsoft store ?

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Mines from MS Store as well, I don’t know if this problem affects the Steam version, but I can assume so. Anyway, it’s been logged and under Known Issues, so it’ll get fixed at some point (hopefully sooner than later!)


i hope so but if not i’m will be really upset because that means i have redo and more livery’s for my series and that’s months of work i’ve made 42 cars total for my nascar series and thats chevy camaros not ford or Toyota or dodge which i had to redo the chevy any becueas you can’t paint the hood of the car on 17 or 18 models only 16 models let me do that

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