Legendary Tuners and Painters

I’m just being curious here, as my name would imply lol, but why do people keep tuning and/or painting after achieving legendary status


I can only speak for myself, but maybe others too don’t tune and design to reach a certain status, but rather because they enjoy what they do.


Yeah that makes sense. I guess for me I started as I kept finding tunes which didn’t really work for me. Once I started and got some downloads it just carried on as I wanted to get the accolades… Then I wanted legendary

Since getting legendary on both though I’ve found I don’t feel the same need to tune and share for the playlist and focus more on the cars I want to drive (which as I do the playlist there is obviously crossover) but I know how much work is involved in getting paints and tunes ready to go for the Thursday, sometimes with little notice, so wondered on people’s different reasons

For me…it’s just fun to try and build a car that drives well and is fast. It’s that simple. I haven’t quit gotten legendary yet, and at the pace of people actually clicking like it’s going to take a bit longer. Really hate that people post on discord oh what a great tune…but oh sorry forgot to click like lol. Then you have a moment once in a while where you beat a top 10 player in online or something with a car you tuned, and it gives you a sense of pride that all that work you put in paid off. I think tuning plays to the perfectionist in some of us, and as a problem solver (therapy related) person in real life it does that for me lol.


It’s kind of cool to log on and see you have a bunch of downloads and know there are players out there driving the tunes you’ve created.

I first started tuning with the goal of hopefully being able to get legendary status. It was pretty slow and frustrating at first to log on and see nobody had downloaded the tunes you spent a lot of time on but eventually things took off and I got legendary status.

At that point I figured may as well go for 100k and it became kind of addictive to chase downloads.
After the 100k goal was reached setting a goal for 200k was a no brainer and that goal was reached much faster than the 100k goal.

I had planned on taking a step back from tuning for the playlist after reaching the 200k goal because it can be incredibly time consuming and doesn’t leave much time for playing the other games I enjoy but I somehow find myself even more motivated, so the new goal is 300k.

Already near 250k and it’s been going faster than I expected.


I never bothered about achieving legendary status in the first place.
I just shared what I enjoyed, what worked well or was requested by friends. The status came alongside.
And since I never cared I just continued with what I did.
Granted, it became less because I simply played less.


I feel your pain lol. Actually think the game should prompt more often to like tunes/paints/vinyls as you can do a whole championship and nada pfftt

I’ve definitely felt this when winning a race or putting a good rivals time up and went oh I made that haha

More than likely it’s because they do it because they love it and not for the status. :slight_smile:


Omg I hate when I’ve done what I consider a pretty good tune and a PR stunt or Forzathon tune gets way more downloads :grimacing:

I guess the addictive part for me is I was fed up downloading tunes and going “this won’t turn” lol so once I friend showed me how to do a handling build and I actually saw my skills improve quite a lot then I now want my tune on everything I drive

Which kinda gives rise to another question

How often do tuners use other people’s tunes?

I’ve definitely done it a few times usually from trusted sources on here but if I have the time I’ll do my own


Going to be honest. Their are some tuners who are great at driving, but only get downloads because of their rivals times and youtube videos. The average forza player uses a controller…and their tunes are wheel based. I hate downloading a player who is top 20 in the game and you go to take a corner and fly off into a wall or your nose sinks into the pavement. That is another reason I tune…nalak is synonymous with the old full aero front…minimum rear…and sometimes in hw park that results in your car doing some weird stuff like trying to bury it’s self in the track midway through a corner.

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I generally stick with my own tunes but occasionally download other players rivals tunes to see if I can learn anything from it and then take those learnings to my own version and see what kind of times I can achieve with it.

I tried out other players tunes for the '74 Civic and took the learnings to my own C600 '74 civic tune.
I know it’s a meta car and all, but it still feels good to get a top 100 time with it.

It’s had the side effect of changing up the way I approach building rivals tunes. I would normally go with trying to build the best handling car with the best tires and all the race parts but now I’m more willing to experiment with stock tires, street suspension, etc.

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I definitely stick to club members I know or a tune by yourself, shadowsbane, geist or TGM and away from some of the bigger names in the game

One of the reasons I like seasonal info early is so I can test and adjust a tune to at least the 1st track I’m gonna run on although I do use rivals more now for extensive testing if I’m trying to dial a tune in

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I may have to do this with your tune :wink:

So much this. I was tought by someone who builds pure handling builds and then pushed it to different tyres, no Aero… Depending on what races I’m doing and the person who tought me is now experimenting haha so I think it’s good not to get stuck in a one way of tuning and play around

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That is why I went to discord for a bit recently. I started learning from some vnx people and a few 1 percenters who are very (and if you are reading this thank you for being) generous with their time when they don’t have to be. They are also very direct with their critiques…so it helps you improve. Some of the folks out there are willing to help others so we can enjoy the game more. Some aren’t. They act as if simple things like telemetry and alignment tuning are secrets that must not be shared lol. I swear I played this game and just tuned alignment based on feel…not realizing telemetry was our friend. Once one of sepis people shared with me my outter tires were like 30 degrees cooler than my inner…it all made sense. Since then…a simple thing like that made a total difference. No more downloading corner bombing understeery tunes.

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My C class version of the Civic can be tough to drive but it has the speed and acceleration you need for rivals.

You can put up some good times on most of the street races once you get a feel for how it handles.
Not quite as effective on the more handling focused tracks.


For me Its always Been about enjoying the process of creating paintjobs and sometimes the challenge of recreating specific cars (example Samanthas Civic From NFS Underground)

Though its also hit or miss most of the time if liveries Take off or not.

Sometimes we spent hours doing an extremely Complex Design and it gets barely any views then you look into what is popular and you see these “single color” liveries with no extras getting thousands of likes and downloads, literally something anyone could do in a few minutes.

Its skewed.

I have created over 1000 liveries in fh5 now and 3 of them even managed to get 10.000 downloads but i have also hundreds of other cars wich i really like that get barely any recognition.

Ill only stop creating when the game wont let me create anymore things.


I do it because I enjoy it. I was legendary on maybe day 9 of release, that was a motivating factor only to unlock the 20mil sales, it didn’t really give a sense of accomplishment. in fact I think it should be a much higher threshold in a game that goes on for 3 years


or maybe weigh it more towards uses and likes


Yeah this part I can maybe get behind although I would be reluctant to seeing it made harder

It’s already quite difficult to achieve for people without name recognition either from previous Forza games or having streaming channels so I feel like it’s something that should be at least possible for new people coming into the game

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I would prefer a system where the original tuner or painter could sell a car with a tune or design on it that meets a certain threshold to get the max buy out so there are legendary tunes or paints. IF the original tuner or painter got the credits maybe even reselling.