Legendary Tuners and Painters

i definitely didn’t have recognition or anything like that at first. I started playing Forza 4 about seven months before Forza 5 launched, had something like 20 followers and 15k downloads in that game, which I surpassed in a few days

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not a bad idea

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what I’m really saying is, nobody should get legendary from one tune on the day the game releases. which is what happened to me. it shouldn’t be that easy, although I expect the same thing will happen in FH6 now because of what you said, name recognition


That maybe so but you still had experience/recognition that others didn’t

I am moreso thinking of people like Ugrundy and certain YouTuber with huge following as the fact remains the majority of players will download a tune from someone they know/have heard of or they’ll choose one of the most popular tunes showing on suggested

Which leaves me with how to new people get seen to even have a chance of completing accolades or legendary if they never get seen in the first place

I always try and think of things from a ‘how do you include people’ rather than ‘how do you exclude people’ if that makes sense


:100: Agree

It should at least take hard work and commitment

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now of course, I’ve picked up 1.5 million downloads and 750 followers since that tune, so it’s still hard work and dedication, but you get the point.

and speaking to that point, I had a plan for day one, and I executed it at the stroke of midnight, and it paid off. be early, and be ready. that’s the best advice I can give everyone.


Yeah I’m definitely planning on being ready at the launch of FH6 whereas I only started tuning really early this year

here ya go, I hit legendary on 11/11/2021

not too long after 20k and with only a few dozen followers

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What’s your Xbox gamertag? I’ll give your tunes a go.

I always give likes when prompted, but for liveries it’s something I do right after downloading, even if I don’t actually end up using it. The annoying thing about FH5 is, it doesn’t prompt likes for Vinyls, even though there are Accolades for such.

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Enjoying the process and seeing the results is the largest part of it for me. For tuning, seeing the proportion of uses and in particular likes is a way towards understanding my own tuning abilities. There’s a lot better feedback from tune engagement than paint from my experience.

Another reason is believing it will help out. When I share a tune now I only do so being highly confident that it’ll work for most players that try it. I occasionally get messages from people who have used a tune that really helped them accomplish a seasonal stunt or that a stunt tune worked for something else they were doing. It’s rewarding to know someone had a good experience with it.

I’m a car enthusiast first and foremost. Being able to put together a paint and tune on a car I would want is another big part of it. The early Skyline GTRs, Camaros, Mustangs etc are a bit pricey so have 30 to mess with and change around virtually is great. Sharing these setups is rewarding. I hope that others that maybe don’t have the time or knowledge are able to enjoy them also. That could all be delusional but that’s fine too :person_shrugging:


Not sure if its Interesting for anyone but this is my current In Game Creative Hub with my Most recent design that i just finished making a few minutes ago

Honestly didnt expect these numbers after playing the game since release.