Hello, i am new to Forza 7. Are there no personal leaderboards where you can see your lap times and can compare different cars and setups? Because i can only see my best lap time in the leaderboards.
I dont really want to write them down myself, so i hope i can get some advice here.

No personal boards like GT Sport where you see all your best laps on a specific track very easily if that is what you mean. That is a nice feature that would be great to see in Forza. There are 2 ways to do rivals. For full class E-X you must do the time attack in Rivals. You can access the boards inside Rivals and see your time. Race times will go nowhere. (This was not the case in previous Forza Motorsport games). For homologated lobbies which are separate from E-X hoppers a time will count in a race on separate homologated leaderboards which can be accessed in Free Play or after the race in a lobby or league. Baked in Leagues are generally homologated as well but not always. You can also do a time attack for homologated classes in Free Play.