No HOMOLOGATED Time Attack Leaderboards?

Hi guys!

Time Attack is back, finally!!! But there is something wrong or I am overlooking something.

All Time Attack leader-boards say NON-HOMOLOGATED. Are there no HOMOLOGATED leader-boards? Also, when driving a homologated car in a Time Attack, why does the time not appear in the single player homologated leader-boards? It seem like all time attack laps are deemed non-homologated even if they are driven on homologated cars!

This is really wired and confusing.

Can someone bring some light into this? Is this behavior intended?


The leaderboards in Rivals are their own boards separate from the rest of the game.

If you want to set homologated times, you can do it just as you did before, in career, in the hoppers or Freeplay.

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That would be fine if any of those modes had the same level of ghost functionality that Rivals now has. But they dont.

However, this really isn’t a technical issue, as nothing is broken technically. The problem is that the design of the user interface to the different game modes (Free Play, Rivals, etc) differs in that some modes focus on classes and others focus on divisions which, when you take a step back and look at it, is confusing. Note how Rivals and Multiplayer have the same look and feel, but Free Play is very different.

Turn 10 needs to make a decision - does this game categorize cars by divisions or classes - then design the user interface same way for all modes. If they decided the answer was ‘divisions’ then Rivals and Multiplayer would work just like Free Play and the OP and I would be happy. If the opposite, Free Play would look like the others.

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