Where are the leader boards?

One of the better features of Forza over the last several games were the leaderboards. I thought the way rivals was done in 6 was very good where you could take any class of car from your garage tuned or not and post a time on any track in whatever class earning some credits and XP in the process. Not only does it look like that is no longer present but I can’t find the leaderboards outside of the limited rivals that are there.

If we can not run our tuned cars, on any track we want and compare times on the leaderboard then that would be a huge let down for many of us.

Am I missing something?


It’s not you—I don’t think there are any Rivals class-based leaderboards in FM7. Huge disappointment.

Happy to be told otherwise if someone else knows?

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I spent 99% of my Forza-time in standard Class Rivals mode (not in special Rivals Events) so I’m a bit disappointed to see them gone.

I’ve found some kind of work-around though: you start a free-play race, set number of drivatars to zero and do some hotlaps - after that you can compare your best time in the leaderboards. You don’t have ghost car but at least you earn some credits.
And there are good news: the leaderboard after free-play only shows the cars fit into the category restrictions you’ve made! So you if you’ve made a hotlap in a vintage touring car you don’t have to see all the Ariel Atom and KTM X-Bow laptimes.

But anyway, I hope some more general Rivals modes will come to the game beside the special events: if not Class then Divisions would be fine too.

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None of the leaderboards are worth a thing if you can’t access them before you start a race. Are there ANY plans to improve the situation regarding leaderboards? We were told by Brian that Homologated Leaderboards were in, but if you can’t see them, what is the point!

However, we don’t want just Homologated leaderboards. The game is crying out for class based leaderboards to satisfy the large Hot Lapping community. This is the first time that I have registered any sort of dissatisfaction with Turn 10, but I’m unable to resist on this occasion. The game is broken for me :frowning:


Thanks for the tip. I had ran one freeplay race last night but did not notice a way to access leaderboards from there. I’ll have another look this morning.

Hopefully they will put back the open rivals events, most of my time was spent there in FM6 as well and was one of the main reasons I was looking forward to FM7.

I liked the e-x class rivals they had before but if the divisions result in more groups where more cars can be competitive then that would be even better but either way we need rival events where we can choose the car and the track also need to be able to access the leaderboards and race against ghosts of other people.

Like many others have expressed, I have become disappointed with how T10 has been approaching this franchise. While our voices are unlikely to be noticed, I do hope T10 does something to fix the current state of FM7.

The entire point of the Motorsport series should be about tuning cars and trying to set the fastest lap possible against the rest of the world. I’ve played the Forza franchise since its existence and with every Motorsport iteration, they have cut back hot-lapping/leaderboard features. It’s appalling to the core fanbase and FM7’s current state makes the replay-ability of this game non-existent.

The Rivals system in FM6 for hot-lapping/leaderboards was an improvement from FM5, but I continue to be baffled why they can’t provide a complete set of features. There’s no reason why they can’t provide us with a Rivals system where we can watch other racer’s laps, race against other racer’s ghost, race against our own ghost and etc. There’s also no reason why they can’t provide us with a complete set of leaderboards, with PI class specific (A/B/C, etc) and homologation specific divisions for each track, overall roll up leaderboards of each of these divisions and then a final total overall roll-up leaderboard for the entire game. Some of these features existed in the early games (FM2, FM3, and FM4) and is the reason so many of us played these games for countless hours.

These can’t be difficult features to manage, especially the leaderboards… (end rant)

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Sorry to be a pain but how do you find the leaderboards on freeplay? i set a few laps on the nurburgring with a rented pagani. After the race it shown my rank but i’ve no idea how to go back to look?

You can access them two ways.
After you run a race when it pops up your race results you’ll see something in the bottom right that says leaderboard. On my PC version it says [F] Leaderboard or something like that.

From the pre race menu you can go to setup then select track there is a [F] there to select the layout that when pressed will show the various layout you can choose from then you can highlight which ever layout you want and while the layout icons are on screen to the bottom right is the [F] Leaderboards option again.

The second method listed here will allow you to see the leaderboard for any track without having to run the race.

Note it shows only for the class of car you are in at the time you check

When I still had the game I tried this method and found that even when running a completely clean lap all my times were listed as dirty with the triangle symbol next to it. So even if I had the fastest time I was still relegated to a lower position as if I had cut the course or something. While this is an ok approach it is still severely lacking in my opinion and no where near as enjoyable as the original class based Rivals Leader Boards, not even close.

I know its an old post but if you are constantly having a dirty lap triangle symbol try turning OFF traction assist
This automatically flags the lap as dirty

Sorry to be off topic but I think this group must know the answer: is is true that in tuning mode there is no longer an option to lap and tune the car on the track?

All I want for 2018, is to bring back the most essential and basic feature in a racing game. LEADERBOARDS! Come on Turn 10. This game is an utter disappointed without them. No replay-ability and incentive to tune cars.

At least provide us an explanation or an update in January. Your lack of communication and action on missing important features is depressing. Adding GoW and Halo racing suits are not what the community wants…

In my previous post above one of the other guys has described how to see the leaderboards
They are there before every race and after every race
In both career and free play and multiplayer too