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I’m sure Rivals cross country leaderboards are probably not the highest things on most players lists of concerns that need addressing, but for whatever it’s worth, I noticed that some considerable action was taken recently regarding a string of leaderboard #1 nonsense (all by the same individual) that I had sent a ticket into Support complaining about. I sent it in months ago (and I’m sure others may have sent in the same making it a collective effort), but it wasn’t until the final series update (the one with the Vuhl) that I noticed action was finally taken.

The action taken was the removal of the player who had posted bogus #1 times on ALL SEVEN of the North City Cross Country Circuit leaderboards (S2-D, including the Rivals Challenge w the Ford Raptor '17) and three times on the Glen Rannoch Cross Country leaderboards (#3 on S1, #1 on C and D). These weren’t the silly 0.340 circuit lap time #1’s that still pop up from time to time, but rather they were more “realistic” (more so than 0.0340 lap times, anyway) though mostly achieved in questionable vehicles and all in automatic. I’m still at a loss as to why it would take half a year to do this, but it’s refreshing to see some positive corrective action taken even if it is at the eleventh hour. Just thought I’d share something positive I noticed, forwhatever it’s worth.

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I think it is worth it for everyone apart from the cheats. I wanted rewinds removed, but they are still in FH5.

Why would you want rewinds removed? They harm no one and they are very useful for Rivals.


Yep, especially when you clip the wall going past the start/finish line in rivals. Can be quite frustrating to have to do a full circuit (like Goliath and the other long races) just to clear your time and start fresh again. I much prefer to rewind back past the start/finish line and go from there with a fresh non dirtied time. If it’s a short course i don’t mind doing the full course to refresh the time.

It’s not cheating and i fail to see how in any way it could be construed as such. It actually is very handy to have. I will confess though that i usually don’t have it on outside of Rivals that much and that is because i used to (a fair few times) accidently hit the rewind button and go from first to 5th or below in races.


Because it is cheating to use rewinds even if it is advocated cheating. I don’t allow myself the luxury of using rewinds, I have self control. Plus you ask how someone completed a task, and the explain how they did it with a rewind almost boastingly.

I’m not sure if you understand how it works in rivals. You still need to set an entire lap clean without using rewind, for the time to count.

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Ah, so you are really referring to speed zones/danger signs etc. I don’t really have any interest in them but I can see why it might be preferable to not have use of rewinds. I suppose you could either disable rewinds entirely in Freeroam or have a system where it detects if you’ve used rewinds within 30 seconds before entering the speed zone or something. Not sufficient reason to remove it from the game entirely in my view though.

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Rewinds are one of the best features to onboard new and inexperienced drivers, and I doubt I would have ever really gotten into racing games without them. There is always a pull to turn them off, usually in the form of more lucrative rewards, and people do respond to that. Look at me now, racing with little to no assists in my racing games. I haven’t even considered a turning on rewind in years.

No matter how much people may abuse it, I don’t think we should ruin the experience for newer racers and players.

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I give them one slow hand clap for their day late, dollar short action.

I just got a notification someone beat my Juggernaut time, checked the leaderboard and the #1 time is 8 seconds. (X-class. That wasn’t the time that beat me.)

So yeah they deserve no credit for anything until they wake up.

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That was me FN, is that your tune that you use on the Juggernaught? I’ve tried a couple but can’t seem to make up the 300th of a second (thereabouts) that you lead by.

and yes, a fair few of the top leaderboard times are ridiculous and seriously not attainable in a non modded car.

The tune I used was #1 Juggernaut by Void Solar.

I’m glad you beat me before so I got a notification because I’d forgotten to go back and set some proper times, as this event doesn’t appear in the main rivals list of course. I was like top 48% originally at X class.

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That is an absolutely brilliant tune, thanks for that FN.

I hear you, I do. Hopefully this is the start of that waking up. It’s got to start somewhere, perhaps this is it (not holding my breath, though).

I actually want rewinds in real life too.
Handy for angry spouse or missed apex both!:sunglasses::+1:t3:


So as I don’t use racing/braking line and with every track/car/tune change I have to judge when to brake (many times its too late, or too early), or what line to take, so it should be removed … riiiight … :stuck_out_tongue:
Good thing features are not decided on individuals, but masses. As long feature is in game is ok by me. Maybe I like it or maybe not, tbh who am I to judge if somebody uses it or not.
At the end of the day, its only a game to pass the time, have fun … take it or leave it. Besides this thread is not about this, its about actual sad people using cheats to hit leaderboards, right?


I have flagged a couple of leaderboard times before and I believe the devs on the PG team will be the first to receive a notification on the illicit time and are able to investigate on their behalf. I’m not sure if this methid is effective but it did work during the Xbox Series Launch rivals time trial and a couple of monthly rivals. Besides that I report the profile to Xbox explaining in detail what measures have been taken.

I’ve reported players to Support before, but a lot of evidence or reports is needed before a player get banned based on previous experiences.

PG has disclosed that the in-game reporting ― at least as far as leaderboards are concerned ― is effectively useless, and that no action will be taken. The only way to report illicit or suspicious behavior seen on leaderboards is via Support tickets, and like iBl0cks said, the more supporting evidence for them to look at, the better. Reporting via profile is more for conduct that violates xbox live tos, such as communication violations, creatively obscene profile names, assorted abuses, etc.

Will be interesting to see if they removed the in-game report function from FH5, which they ought to have done, given that it isn’t being acted on. I also wonder if they removed the pointless message when you change cars in free roam - asking if you want it to be delivered to you? This sort of thing will show us whether they listened at all, or if it’s just a lazy copy and paste of FH4’s code wholesale, with a different map and a few other things changed around for the sake of it, like I can see they’ve already done with the tuning section, which looks like you have to scroll up and down as well as left and right, rather than just left and right like now, which seems like a backward step. (Like the pointless tachometer downgrade where they hid most of it.)

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This has all been tried before. Some of us have reported blatantly false times and weeks or months later they’re still there.

More to the point, if PG were serious, they could take a cursory look at the leaderboards any time they want, and find loads of low hanging fruit to remove, without needing it to be reported.

At the moment they are like a fire department which sees that the town is burning in multiple places, but they sit in their fire station waiting for someone to dial the emergency services before they get into their fire engine and put any fires out on their own initiative.

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While I appreciate the ‘pure’ place Aqua seems to be coming from, I generally agree w the above. And I may be wrong, but I suspect accessibility is a big reason, if not the primary reason, that it is in the game to begin with.

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