Lack of Mexican cars

While FH1, FH2, FH3, and FH4, introduced a bunch of new cars for the respective countries these games were set in Mexico is lacking a lot. We have the VUHL 05RR and the Nissan TSURU. We have the Volkswagen Beetle, but it’s the 1963 model, Mexico didn’t start making these till 1974 and they made them up until 2003 with the final limited Ultima model.

there are literally hundreds of cars that are unique to Mexico, one in particular is the Maserati Mexico. This car was made in 1968 to celebrate the Mexican Olympic Games. It was literally a gift to Mexico with one special one being given to the Mexican president Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Bolaños. Why is this not in this game?

Perhaps licensing?

it is sad, though I fear this is kind of nothing new for the franchise, it just so happens its more noticable now since compared to previous games, mexicos car culture is a little more limited to start with, so whats missing makes a much bigger impact.

I love learning about the car cultures of the regions the games are set in, but after 4, a place in which I am much more familiar with the car culture already, ive seen how little depth they chose to go in to. At least 4 didnt try and brag about how cultured the came was though, unlike 5 who constantly goes on about “teaching lessons about car history and technology” or how they worked with some culture department of mexico or whatever.

maybe if the next game is in japan the fanbase will wake up to this when suddenly they find theyre missing their favourite cars, brands, places, communities, and their “challenging tight and twisty touge” is reduced to a 4 lane highway going over a hill, or maybe theyll finally get it right and the series will improve, who knows.