Judging interest/opinions/thoughts for FH3 - Limited run paint jobs auctioned?

Hi guys!

I’m merely trying something out as an experiment for FH3. On FM6, I’ve created various paint jobs with varying success without any true ‘advertising’. Limited run paint jobs have always been something I’d like to try, but of course they only work if there’s enough interest and demand for them. With the return of the AH, I’d like to give it a go.

So what I want to do is gauge some interest in a fictional set of striping on the GT350R based on previous GT500s and dreaming up what could be offered on the real car. Also, a modern stripe set for the '17 Ford GT, designed to hark back to the traditional twin stripes of the old GT40s and the '05 GT, yet bringing a ore modern touch to it so that it fits the curvature of the bodywork. I would send them off on the Auction House and be unavailable on the Store Front, but they wouldn’t be ludicrously expensive, maybe something like 10% more than the car would cost whilst giving me a tiny bit of profit, and would each be unique colour scheme an number plate to each other - so they would be one offs within a small number run. I don’t expect to sell them quickly or for the millions other designers get by any means. I like to think they’d be a quirky purchase for those with an eye for basic, yet somewhat stylish liveries.

My question is this. Would you consider either of these in a 5-10 piece run?

Mustang GT350R

Ford GT Modern striping


To those who have done Limited Editions/Limited Runs, how did you go about doing it? What’s the best way to get exposure thus demand?

Old days it would involve a collaborative effort where a garage would tune, paint and advertise their “sales” for the auction house.

I’ve heard there’s a storefront, is there an auction house this time around?

Indeed there is :slight_smile:

Sadly, no gifting :frowning:

I’m 99.9% sure these won’t sell for millions lol

I’ve whittled it down to the GT350R and the Ford GT - the Mustangs were all too similar to be worth differentiating between them.

Put me down for a 350. I really like the design and you’ve put your own look on it.
I like limited editions, on Forza 4 I was always entering the contests people did with 1 of a kind designs for participating and winning. My garages are pretty much full of one off designs or a paint only a handful have, makes them more special to me.

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Here’s how it worked.
Standard edition: Most of the time it was a paint/tune combination that was available to the masses. (Think of it as a Shelby GT500 that you can by at any Ford dealer)

Limited edition: The same tune but this time the paint was different. Some times it would just be a special color change and others it would be a completely different paint sold in very small numbers at a much higher price or gifted out as prize cars for compitions. (GT500 Super Snake)

Special edition: I came up with this back in FM2 because we had so many paints and request for certain color combos. The SE is like the LE but is sold or gifted in higher numbers.

Sometimes we would

  • sell well over 300 standard cars.
  • sell 5-10 limited cars. (Sometimes more)
  • gift specal edition cars out as prizes. (50 or less)

There were a few time when we did special events where we would put as many cars up as we could for 1hr and then after that they would be discontinued.