It seems that all the leaderboard drift zones are done in AWD cars... pretty lame if you ask me

Personally I think drifting should be RWD only but each to their own. Why is everyone AWD?


Agreed, I don’t even call AWD drifting. It’s power sliding


The best way to get points in drift zones is to get max angle. The easiest way to keep max angle is speed. Add power to your front wheels and you have an impossible score for a RWD.

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Agree completely, Makes me even happier that I got top 3 percent using my wheel last night when I went through one.

Quick insight from an evil-bad AWD ‘powerslider’. 90% rear torque split on my AWD Dart, and it is VERY hard to drive. I can run close to these scores in a RWD, but an AWD hits them faster (I will not go through traffic for hours on end to hit a score). Stop complaining about other people. Stop making excuses to placate your jealous ego for an inability to do what they do.

The points gap in Forza 4 between AWD and RWD was about 500 points for an 88k lap. That is marginal at best. Pretty sure it is the same thing for this game, and I’d also like to point out that RWD feels easier than AWD to drift in horizon games.

If it is so easy, do it.


Private Freeroam removes drivatars. So it is very easy to do high-speed runs (I’ve done it in a RWD). However it is a lot easier in an AWD. I guess you didn’t set-up your AWD properly?

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That is the best drift hint I read so far. Finally I got a chance doing those 3-star challenges. Thanks!

It is far from perfect, but for now I am top 10 in most drift zones I have unlocked. What I meant by the ‘hard to drive’ part of my post is that someone who thinks they can drift well would not find my Dart easy to drive, especially to pull the points I am getting. But that is beside the point.

I have said this hundreds of times, but hopefully this time it will stick:

Stop trying to divide your own community. Stop trying to act like the drifting fashion police. Drifting is all but dead in Forza due to silly drama (I can’t even remember all the people who quit due to FM4 drift leaderboard drama). Rammers own motorsport 6 drift lobbies, and any mention of drifting in Horizon (bucket lists that only require you to tap the a button once, skill chains rewarding even when you spin out, etc) is almost patronizing, but for some reason preferred drive type is the biggest issue. Fighting with people on your side is not productive in any way, so I am trying to nip this in the bud before it goes out of control again.

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I’m ok with any type of car being on the top of the leaderboard, but I don’t think anyone is jealous I think people are just stuck in their technical terms

I agree with what you said as a whole, but you are absolutely ridiculous for saying that an AWD Dart is hard to drive, even with the torque all the way to the rear lol

I’d like to revise my previous statement. As it sits, tandem RWD tunes will never even come close to the angle needed for top 10s, let alone top 100s. I know that’s what most drifters on here use, so it is understandable that people are calling for splitting of the leaderboards by drivetype. Points RWD tunes will work for top 100s, but I’m pretty much at full lock in my AWD dart to hit my scores (top 20s on most). And yes, compared to my FM6 Dart tune, it is hard to drive well.

I love how people complain about AWD drifting as they always come out with the same thing “It’s not drifting it’s power sliding.” But have you actually looked at the tunes for cars people use who are at the top, they are basically RWD anyway as delta hx explained.

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I never checked actual scoreboards, as I usually end up in top 25%, not really a record breaker so I don’t bother with leaderboards, I drift for fun. However, do these leaderboards specify if it was an AWD or RWD car? I drift an R33 with a RWD conversion on, would this come up as “R33 RWD” or just “R33”?

The leaderboard would just say that you are using a R33. It does not say you are using RWD or AWD.

In that case, haven’t you just pretty much corrected your original post? How can you be absolutely certain that the top guys in leaderboards used AWD? Just saying…

Performance index and guessing.

An easy solution for this would be to split the leaderboard in two. One for RWD and one for AWD.


I made this EXACT SAME point upon others in a different forum and I got hate for it. Glad to see someone agrees.

being that im top 10 for nearly every drift zone, yes awd is used but its so much easier to use when im keeping the perfect angle and i can just power through instead of having to correct every second and becareful with my power and also as some1 pointed out most awd tunes are set near to rwd, mine is 83% to the rear, that 17% to the front keeps it steady as im taking corners without worrying about the back end slipping and ruining my run

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Technically, if the car is AWD its not allowed to compete in drift championships in RL. So with that logic AWD cars are not drifting.

Source: D1 Grand Prix USA Rules & Regula

However having said that, it is a game but i can understand why the RWD people don’t like being on the same scoreboard. Definitely think we should have seperate boards. :slight_smile: