It seems that all the leaderboard drift zones are done in AWD cars... pretty lame if you ask me

Well, drifting like they do in formula d/ D1 is a lot easier in RWD. And no, it isn’t following any logical basis that AWD drifting is therefore not drifting because the pinnacle of the sport is a certain way. For example, F1 (the pinnacle of motorsport) is done in rwd, open wheeled, one-off chassis. If you aren’t doing that, following your ‘logic’, you aren’t really racing. Again, it is not really logic, but mere opinion.

This is what it means to drift: “Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control for the entirety of a corner. A car is drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle, to such an extent that often the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn (e.g. car is turning left, wheels are pointed right or vice versa, also known as opposite lock or counter-steering).” Pretty sure all drive types can do this, but it is MUCH EASIER to do in RWD in real life.

And yes, please make drive type leaderboard distinctions. I’d love to be top ten on those, too.

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I wasn’t trying to sound patronising earlier and I really was asking a question to how you are setting up your AWD, I merely meant that due to how FH3 calculates points, it is easier to use an AWD to get points as you can keep angle for longer around a corner. You can get angle earlier in the corner and later out of the corner. It’s just simply easier to get points in the Drift Zones. I didn’t mean to get people worked up with each other. As far as me, I’m going to keep RWD drifting cos I prefer it. Top 1% of a zone is good enough for me.

I got the game yesterday and got 2nd in surfers paradise and 7th in another yet to unlock the rest. Awd just makes you transfer quicker in the points zone and your able to keep the perfect angle a bit easier. Rwd you can brake slide alot longer and you just have to counter steer but rwd has been dumbed down, so easy compared to forza 6

Also what annoys me the most is that the two Horizon Edition cars with Drift Skills (M3 & Focus), have increased steering lock. Like seriously???

Yes this bugs me out as well. I would LOVE to have a steering lock setting or part on (all) other cars.

On this whole discussion,
In Japan all forms of sliding a car around is drifting. handbrake, faint, throttle, nobody cares.
I’m top 1% in a lot of drift zones, It’s not that hard yet. All in rear wheel drive vehicles (most pretty much tandem setups, assuming people use stock or street tires). Because that’s my style. I usually use all fours on dirt. 99% rwd in all classes when it’s road.

Point is you guys should stop giving each other a hard time and spend more time asking Playground for better / easier to find drift lobbies.

I do agree with what you say about the M3 and Focus steering option, its unfair. There’s the Z06 as well. If we ask Playground Games, racing people will complain about it. How about a steering angle slider from 40 degrees to 85 degrees. Racers will like it and drifters will like it. And Leader boards should be split.

I’m one of those lame AWD dudes. It’s much easier to do a fast power slide in an AWD that counts as drifting in this game than doing the real thing. I’m just after the three-stars, not particular records. All perfectly possible in my maxed-out Ariel Nomad with offroad springs and tires, with no tuning whatsoever.

Another problem with normal drifting: if you drift too slow it counts as burnout in FH3.

How can you say AWD isn’t drifting when the best drifter in the world, Ken Block, drifts AWD cars. RWD is fake drifting for amatuers.

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Ken best in drift ahahahaha omg hahahah, also hes not drifting he is powersliding, drift = RWD its that simple, leaderboards should be split between AWD and RWD its that simple, also im in 1% in most on road leaderboard with RWD car but its harder while awd is just effortless, offroad zones are different story and some are just pointless in rwd car.

What a dumb comment, using an AWD Car to drift is like using performance enhancing drugs.

Sure you can drift an AWD car, because it has rear wheel drive by definition but the fact it has drive to the front wheels too most definitely gives an advantage.

It’s like having a one armed guy fight with a two armed guy. Sure if the one armed guy is the better fighter and the two armed guy is an amateur he can win, but if the two are of similar ability the two armed guy has the advantage.

I couldn’t care less about leaderboards really, It’s just a game at the end of the day, but if we’re going to get technical about drifts I wonder how many people are using the clutch.

But I thought Vaughn Gittin JR was better in his FWD Mustang! You’re clearly delusional, buddy.

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I’ve been DRIFTING AWD for years and everyone says I am almost as good as Ken Block in my fiesta. Who is Van Gittn JR? FWD isn’t drifting wow noob mustangs aren’t even FWD either noob… GG

Goodness gracious, I hope you aren’t serious.

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‘‘Ken Block bester drifter in the world’’ thanks for that laugh…take a look at the japan scene and we talk again.

You sir Have a skewed opinion He calls it gymkahana because he didn’t want to get in to this discussion. best in the world? Hardly he isn’t a pro drifter, and can barely finish a rally race.

I do drift zones in an Aventador because it makes for effortless 3 stars, and therefore rapid leveling up. I know it’s not drifting, but it’s not my fault Forza accepts power slides as drifts.

In fairness, I don’t chase leaderboards.

drift zone leaderboard don’t really matter in my opinion when i drift just try to keep on the other guys door in frront of me and if your can brake drift the zones if your that thirsty of a leaderboard spot. I’m top 300 on everyone of the drift zones in RWD car its not that hard.

I use clutch and E-brake and RWD only and mix of wheel and controller depends how tired i am

Im old school all the way in real life bought up around drifting and taught RWD is for people that can feel and control there cars power and want to master the drift and AWD is for well the people that cant handle there power

If your not near full lock when drifting its not drifting

Just my 2 cents

Been drifting in real life a bit (one year in amateur league) somewhat drift fan, but not actually drifting too much in forza… well what I do, let’s call it more like sliding with style, more than actual drifting.

Now can you call AWD powersliding “drifting”
Yes, kind of, it’s different than RWD drifting true, but it’s just as much drifting.

You can actually call FWD car sliding around drifting too, and that’s a whole other world.

And then there is the one which is actual sport, RWD drifting.

Now I have been driving enogh in FH3 both AWD and RWD to point out the main differences,

AWD drifting: easy mode, Much easier to keep the speed up, and if you get too much angle the front starts slipping sideways much more, preventing a spin. also due the front wanting to pull you straight and out of the slower corners, its much easier to keep higer momentum, and you are also able to pull much more aggressive slides.
Therefore it’s much easier to drive overall.

RWD drifting: Hard mode. Try to enter as high speed as AWD car, you overshoot the turn. Try to pull as steep angle as AWD car, you spin, and dont get me started how much faster AWD car recovers from a situation where you almost spin.

Also looking at the builds and cars capabilities, if I go trying to drift my S15 widebody silvia, S1. RWD. I can do it quite easily, But if I take my Evo VI which is also in S1 class and is also AWD, I can slide it, but I run out of power half way trough the drift, in other words, I lack power (or have more grip, but the S15 actually has more grip)

Overall AWD and RWD drift leaderboards should be separated, Currently it’s like you would compare F1 car to BTCC car, and that’s just illogical in every possible way.

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