Interior POV shows more dash and too far back

There are bunch of examples, please add.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Chevy Camaro Z28

Ferrari California T

Lambo Aventador

Which year Camaro?

new 2015 model.

Nissan 370z can barely see over hood on up turns.

Nissan V8 supercar. looks like you’re driving from where the back seat would normally be located, and the banner across the top of the windshield is to big, giving the perspective of having to look through a mail slot.

Definitely agree with the Hellcat and the California T. I feel like Grandma in her 70s vintage Buick Land Yacht in both those! In ForzaVista, you’re seated at the right height when you get into the car, but out on the track, where it actually matters, not so much. Aventador definitely feels like you’re sitting in the back seat… if it had one, but at least in that one you don’t have the steering wheel blocking out the road.

Haven’t tried the others that were mentioned, but, from what it sounds like, I probably don’t want to :frowning:

The new Corvette that was in the demo had the same issue. Even the ‘Inside Sim Racing’ guys pointed this out in a video they did driving that car. I would mention the same thing for the FF Escort and oddly it’s the other way round for the Aston DB5, you’re sitting too far forward!

add R8 to the collection

i suppose that half of Q&A department were on vacation