Cockpit camera placement in a lot of cars is ridiculous

I was so excited to finally drive this car, because it’s the closest I’ll ever get. I drive from inside the cockpit because I drive better in game that way. The Hellcat is useless. The steering wheel and driver position in car makes it impossible to drive on any track with a hill. Which is almost all of them. You mean to tell me they can’t telescope the wheel and adjust the driver seat for a more affirmative driving position? Camman Forza, you had to know.


Hello, I wish you guys would give us the option to put the camera as we like in the cockpit because in a lot of cars the placement is absolutely aweful and doesn’t make one bit of a sens… for example in the Hellcat, your level is barely above the steering wheel… are we 1m30 in the game ? why just WHY and HOW is that ok with you guys ? so many cars are way too low and way too far from the steering wheel !!! please add the option of letting us configure the way we want to be positioned in the cockpit !


I think it’s fixed now, but before I found myself lifting my head to get a better view - LOL!!!

Yeah i like that idea too. Test Drive Unlimited had it. They also had options while in game, in car, to lower windows, put the top down if it were a convertible. But i guess im spoiled.

I doubt it would be difficult for them with an update to at least give us the option for cockpit camera placement, but they’ll never do it…

I have pCars on PC, do they give the option to place the camera as you wish on console as well ?

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Yes, PCARS gives you the option in consoles as well.

It makes a BIG (positive) difference in the enjoyment of the driving experience.

I know right lol, unfortunately it’s unlikely to be fixed, even the 3rd person of the SUV’s look weird, FH2 did a better job in that aspect.


Same thing with the AMC Machine you cant even see the revcounter on the hood…

I am extremely curious to know if anyone in the dev team even check if the placement is good :/… I cannot believe someone actually place the cameras that way.

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I think the guy driving the 1981 XR2 is about 7ft tall, his head must be touching the roof!

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I dot think it’s going to happen honestly, it would mess up the prebaked lighting, shadows and reflections of the dash in the car. People would complain that it’s not realistic looking because of the different angle and it would just become a headache for them.

Several cars are horrible with the cockpit; Huracan, Audi R8, Gallardo, etc …
And yet the colors of the panel are not original.
Ferrari 458, panel with blue odometer !!

some of the bonnet cams are pretty bad too…

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Agreed. It seems that they based seating position on being able to see the mirrors while looking straight ahead, rather than on a realistic seating position. Generally, they’re just too far back.

Yeah, the console version has the same options as PC. Each camera view has individual adjustment for FOV and seat position.

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Yea I agree, the driver shouldn’t have his arms fully stretched out because then the interior takes up more of the viewing. I liked FH2’s way however in some cars that was too far forward (Aston DB5, Hennessey Venom etc), a slider is what we need but I doubt that will happen anytime soon

If the rev counter is on the hood, you may have bigger problems ;).

Yeah, the console version has the same options as PC. Each camera view has individual adjustment for FOV and seat position.

I’ve even taken the wheel and arms of the driver out of the picture so that I’m not distracted by the jerky motions of my tapping on the controller. On the cars that have the info on the wheel PCars has left the wheel in place and locked it into position. I have the ONE console.

How can we make ourselves heard ? This is something I really hope we can get. It drives me crazy how sometimes we are setting extremely low or other times it’s way too high and of course the too far away and even the far too close… there is zero quality control from turn10 when it comes to positioning…

I remember (although something different), the drivers head in the honda indycar from FM5 was placed bellow the steering wheel… not talking about the camera but the actual placement of the driver, it was pathetic.

I agree 110% the Holden in the Rivlas Race to win is also horrible. Its a shame T10 focus the game “STILL” on gamepad users and rear bumper and/or bonnet cam drivers. pCARS and even AC (when its on console) offer cockpit adjustments. Even removeble wheel/driver arms would be great to!

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Two very basic things:

  1. FOV adjustment
  2. seat position regulation

I guess visual artist wants us to see whole steering wheel with surroundings. It doesn’t work that way.
Keep that view for Autovista and let us decide how to drive with proper view from cockpit please.

Even Drive Club has additional view from dashboard which is better than back seats view.