Cockpit view: #9 908

Sorry if this is a repeat.

The cockpit view from inside the #9 908 (not sure on the other one, using the #9 in the showcases) has camera slightly above the steering wheel, but is also really close to it too. Can’t see once I started turning…

Not a complaint, just a notice for the next round of camera adjustments, if not noted already.

Totally agree with you, very difficult to use the cockpit view in the 908. I had to do the Sebring and Daytona Endurances with the chase cam, which is far from ideal (takes a lot of realism out of the game). It is very close the wheel and has no visibility whatsoever on the right hand turns.

another case where the ruined something from 4.

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It reminded me of Forza 3, when basically every car had you kissing the steering wheel.

Hopefully it’s updated in the future, although Forza 4’s view in the 908 wasn’t great either.

Yea I thought that too, makes it difficult to race in and turning even worse.

908 was from my Point of view a horrible car to drive in Cockpit view for older FM too. If i remember right (have no 360 anymore) Cockpit view for 908 in FM4 was not better.

The closed cockpit Le Mans cars in general are a nightmare with visibility. I wonder if it’s the case in RL? If so this is one area where I would be OK with Forza deviating from reality.

When you sit across the lounge and have a 42" television it looks like you’re peeking through a letterbox to see out of the car! It’s crazy compared to the open cockpit LMP cars where your visibility is 75% of the screen!

Cockpit view in Forza 6 on the whole devotes far too much screen space to the car interior vs the windscreen. When I drive in real life I am definitely not looking at the radio and air-con controls with a sliver of windscreen above me!

Yes it is: Peugeot 908 | Spa-Francorchamps 2008 - YouTube

YouTube finding, think this is the FM4 908 Cockpit … much less detailed and very diferent view, and from my point of vew better.

908 cockpit FM4

And a real 908

real 908 on board 2007

From my point of view, nice work in the graphics department for 908 interior design, but nut build as a drivers view cockpit. Or they had a photo done using fisheye as reference for the cockpit.

Both of these are from FM3. Edit: Well, the video is at least. The pic MSPEED6 posted looks like FM4s interior, but that’s an FM3 watermark. I haven’t played either in a while though.

OP - yeah. Some other LMP1s I’ve came across (can’t think of any at the moment) have the camera view very close. I get that the space in there is limited, but my god, sometimes the view gives me claustrophobia.

Yep, noticed this. In other cars too the camera height/distance is inaccurate. The '13 Audi R8 also has its cockpit cam too high and too close; you can not see the speedo properly.

I always drive in cockpit view, but with the extremely close confines of the 908 & other closed formular style cars, I have no choice but to choose top of bonnet view, not bumper view.

But I don’t find the Audi R8/10’s an issue, even with roll cages equipped … You get used to the field of vision after awhile, as for me, gives me a greater sense of immersion than car on a lollipop stick view. Just not realistic in my book. You can hear gearbox whine, gear changes and engine performances better in cockpit vie, imo… It’s a personal taste thing really…

I would prefer using nothing but the cockpit view, but only if they use the right FOV for each car and proper wheel animation. The wheel movement kinda kills it for me.

I always find I’m more fixed on the track and cars in front of me than watching my virtual hands or steering wheel/s. Focusing on braking points and line markers is much more conducive to realism … A quick question, do you ever look at your hands or steering wheel when driving at speed in a real car, I certainly don’t

You raise a good point - while I don’t literally look at my hands while taking turns, fast or slow, I do know that I have to give x amount of input to get y amount of steering. The way the steering moves in Forza does not accurately relay what angle the wheels are at. Only in toy paddle cars does the wheel turn like that.

So many games have the wheel animation right - PCARS, AC, TD Ferrari etc. Why can’t Forza address this once and for all? It’s bad enough having a cap on your steering based on how fast you’re going or how hard you brake… having the wheel move like that breaks the immersion for me. It should move accurately with respect to what car you’re driving. That and the stick as well as paddle shifts. It clearly shoes not much thought was given to that. I will not bash the game for that though - perhaps it was done due to a stiff deadline or keeping the frames at 60.

Cockpit animations have been ignored for a while now or set aside otherwise. It needs to be addressed. Animations and FOV. I hope they are a high priority in the next game.

A cockpit view where the wheel moves like a toy car does not make for a very realistic sim experience does it? Plus, a wheel moving properly will enable you to control slides better and know exactly when the car’s about to go into under/oversteer, if that makes sense.

I do not think I would be able to control my car very wheel IRL if moving the wheel from zero to 90 degs gives me full lock, or not being able to move it past 30 degrees as a result of my speed!