Insane wheel oscillation

I played the game with controller no issues, got level 130ish, had no problems controlling the car and controlling oversteer/understeer. Started using the Thrustmaster TMX Pro, and I’ve messed with the settings, watched videos, done my research, but the cars are uncontrollable. I can control the car fine in corners, shifting, takeoff, but the moment I oversteer the game/wheel takes over and jerks the car back and forth to the point I can’t win any races. Unplayable with the wheel unsure if its the config or the nature of the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also along with not controlling oversteer, obviously I can’t drift at all, which ruins a big part of the game.

Make sure yous have vibration off. Forza Horizon 4 LP EP13 - FIRST Thrustmaster TX Drifting + Wheel Settings | SLAPTrain - YouTube

Got my settings almost at a Assetto Corsa level on a T300 @ 900 on PC.

Vibration- 0 (make sure this is off!)
FFB - 55 (change for overall strength, lighter will feel better in corners and should stop wheel clipping)
Center - 0 (does nothing)
Wheel Damp - 0 (add to taste)
FFB Under - 0 (this also does nothing and is always on?)
FFB MF - 100
Wheel Sensitivity - 0 (PC only setting, setting this to 0 will match wheels rotation setting)

I’ve got a Fanatec CSL Elite, with the settings below, and it drives well though I do get severe oscillating if I let go of the wheel for a couple of seconds, which is strange given the low ffb gain. I might add some damping next time I’m on to see if that helps.

Vibration - 0
FFB - 50
Centre - 0
Damp - 0
FFB Under - 50
FFB Min - 50
Sensitivity - 0

Thank you guys so much. I drive my car a lot irl and this didn’t feel natural, but now this feels great thanks so much