Infinitive loading screen

Hello people of Forza Forum. I just have to ask are other gamers experiencing infinitive loading screen in FH4? This has happened to me now twice. And I didn’t have any troubles when playing last-gen consoles (Xbox One/ One S). First time I started from scratch, because I decided to delete permanently my game saves from the cloud. Everything was going fine before this wednesday when suddenly the game crashed when downloading livery’s to my cars. And after that the game hasn’t started. I have tried every trick to get to play the game but nothing have helped. I have now made a ticket, so let’s see if support can help me. I’m thinking that this has to do with Panic Button, who have done the game to next-gen consoles. And by the way, I’m playing from XBox Series S.


Hi everyone !

Since the new Super 7 Update on my Xbox Series X i can’t launch the game from the menu.
Everytime i launch it then press A to play I am then stuck on an infinite loading screen… EVERYTIME

I tried everything by now… I did a reset of my console; a hard reboot; deleted my account and save then downloaded it again; deleted and reinstalled the complete game; called Xbox (they literally said contact the game devs) but nothing is working !

Now there are few things that are weird aswell and i think it is important to explain.
-When i launch the game with another account (never played on it so no savegame) it works.
-When i launch the game on my Windows 10 PC i get it working with my main account but offline (can’t join online games, loading infinitly too).

To close this story i did a “ticket” on the forza support 11 days ago but still don’t have an answer…

I also want to precise that before this Super 7 update the game was perfectly running on my Xbox Series X.
Also; i’m from France if that changes anything i’m just saying…

Thanks to the person that gets me the solution of all this ! I would give you anything i have to play this game and get the cyberpunk car lol !

Have a good game guys !

Antoine from France


Same problem here on Series S

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Hello again. Now I have “solved” the problem with infinite loading screen. You have to get your old last-gen XBox (OG, One, One S) and download it. And voila, everything is fine.

I only downloaded the game and synced from cloud my save file and the game has worked just fine. Sometimes it crashes but at least I can re-open and play the game. Different story on the Xbox Series S.

Now I have to inform Forza Support that there’s something definetly something wrong with the game.

So if you have problem getting to game in new consoles, get the rusty old workhorse from the attic and start playing.

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Don’t know for you, but it get me bad to have this bug with a thing I bought 900$ CAN. I don’t understand either why we have no respond of any of the guys working for the support on Xbox about this thing. That bug seems to be here for awhile now, and nothing is done to get rid of it.

Seriously dude, I paid a ton for this series x and first of all I have the same problem with my main account, infinite loading screen started about 3 weeks ago and haven’t been able to play it since. I’ve gotten in touch (or tried atleast) with everyone and tried every trick and remedy I could find and nothing works. My new profile has never had. A problem but that’s besides the point, I had to create a new Xbox profile just to play forza… f that, oh and did I mention forza literally crashes about once every hour or 2 minimum on my Xbox… I did not pay all this money to buy something that my Xbox one s (that I sold as soon as I got this thing) fails on… literally it’s ridiculous.

No idea what ‘Infinite Loading Screen’ means…

Saved Data>Delete
Addons>Remove all
Start Game
ReInstall Addons

I have done this 6 times. Will not go past hitting “continue”, it just stalls on the main menu as a blurred out menu. Cannot access anything.

Thanks for the help PP. I tried this and unfortunately nothing has changed. A really annoying bug.

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Hi. I made a request to the game programmers and they suggested I just update my controller through my Xbox Series X options. And the game is working fine now.

Maybe this is THE solution to all this? We’ll see in the future, but right now everything is going great!

Hi guys. I got a problem on Xbox Series X. After the window with the loading of the game (loading the profile), pictures are loaded endlessly. I deleted saves, they are restored, but nothing has changed

Try to do an update of your controller. That was the way I get rid of this bug.

I saw your message. I tried updating my controller but there are no new updates. And the error didn’t go away :frowning: Maybe there is some method to get another update? I tried updating via settings → accessories

The goal is to simply refresh the update of the controller. Me too, it was said that it was up to date. But the simple fact of updating it anyway (even if it already was) fixed everything.

This method did not help me :frowning:

Perhaps my way will help how I solved the problem. I installed the game on my PC, logged into FH4, bought a car, and moved to another garage. Then I logged out of my PC game and logged in to my Xbox game. And my game loaded

That worked for me with the xbox one s too. Thank you brother you made my year so far.


I’ve solved my infinity loop problem on my XSS today !!! if everyone got the same problem on your new device. probably the reason is your account data on the old device didn’t sync to the cloud completely.

You guys just need to login your account on other old device which can start the game normally. XBOX, PC no matter. and then change something to update your account data. like as run a new race, buy a new car. and then don’t log out right away. keep that device power on until the data is save on the cloud completely. at least wait for half hour if you’re live out of the U.S.

After you confirmed your save data is complete upload to the cloud. you can try to login to your new device, delete the old save data of the FH4 on your new device first. after that try to open the game to let it update the last data. DONE!!!

( BTW, if the data from the old device didn’t sync completely, and you trying to sync the game data on your new device at the same time. there’s a window pop out says “try again / sync the last game data on the cloud already”. NEVER CHOOSE THE SECOND OPTION!!! keep press the “try again” button to keep the game to sync your newest data. )

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Hi fellow gamers my issue I’m having is that the game ( Forza horizon 4 ) is Stuck in the Loading screen at the main menus after choosing my account to let game know who profile is logged in I have just got off w Xbox support and advised me to post my issue so I am I’ve completed all story missions ( races ) I have 600+ cars in my garage and have all the homes but 1 put so much time in this game and $$$ like we all have so idk what to do they said ask for refund might take 3 days to get a response. But then what buy it again :laughing:and have the same issues I’m so bummed this was the only Game I Play now .so I hope this helps in some way because I’m afraid I am going to Lose ALL my Cars and My Money and the money spent to buy the homes cars ect. Sooo L A M E :pleading_face:

So I have Forza 4 horizon,I saved a paint job after I saved my car and the game was stuck in saving just continued to save 10-15 minutes I left it then I went to start game over and Now I have a infinite Loading Screen :tv: idk what to do I have Literally tried EVERYTHING. Hard reset/ reinstalled the game 3-4 times / updated my controller/ deleted all from my console/ also started the Xbox series x completely over /my internet is GREAT my other games have NO issues at all just Forza 4 Horizon Please HELP :weary:this is my FAVORITE GAME oh also I actually purchased ALL of the different versions of Forza 4 Horizon-standard version/ deluxe version/ and ultimate edition- and nothing no outages nothing have all dLc