Infinitive loading screen

I get infinity loading when i press continue on loading screen. Previously i choose gtr to ride and than it started loading a lot. I turned off game with task manager and now everytime i want to play its loading a lot. Anyone have fix?

P. S. This is how it looks like: Forza Horizon 4 loading stuck - YouTube

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the game is a pain to launch. Every time I try to log in I have to manually restart the game 10+ times in order to be able to bypass the infinite loading screens.

I have seen the FH4 support article recommending to uninstall the Addons and I have done it. I also have the latest windows version but the problem persists. Is there any viable working fix to this issue, so I do not have to waste 20 minutes of my life every time I want to log in the game?

Try starting it up completely offline, WiFi disconnected and everything. It should load up your local save, then connect to the WiFi, save, hard quit, restart. That usually works for me.

I don’t pass here, I’ve been waiting for a long time siDs4W.png

This has been going on for two days now! I load the game it brings me to the menu. I press a to start and I get an infinite loading screen. I’ve restated the game, restarted the console. I did a hard restart, I unplugged my console. I even did a factory refresh. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it! I did all the little tricks I could find on YouTube and noting works! The only thing I haven’t tried is deleting all saved data, which I find absolutely ridiculous . I paid a lot of money for this game, I’ve put in countless hours! I’m not going to lose all that because the developers won’t fix this problem. Horizon 4 is the only game I play and have put tons of work into perfecting my drift tunes. Why hasn’t this problem been fixed? I’ve seen tons of people have this problem. Is there anyway I can play the game that I paid for?!?

I don’t know what happened, today I tried to play FH4 but it doesn’t load. I start it and a black screen appear for some second, then it try to load but it can’t . It says loading on the screen, but it doesn’t and the menu doesn’t appear. It seems that the “loading” screen will remain forever! What can I do? Anybody that already had this issue?
P.S. This isn’t the first time that FH4 have problems, my FH4 is totally broken, I think that if I can’t solve this problem I will uninstall it and I will never buy another Microsoft game.

Just blurs out the main menu when I hit continue, and then just sits there and does absolutely nothing, forever.

Hi Turn10

I don’t know to do anymore…
My problem: Game never don’t load since some days.

I used many options;
-Deleted the game and profile
-Reinstalled all again
-Plugged off the power cable for 10mins
-Rebooted the game…

The game doesn’t loading anymore…
The first title screen I see (Press A for Begin or press X for special setrings)

I press A for starting the game… then the loading screens are coming (pictures in the middle, up and down balck with your best numbers what you did, etc…
My game is hanging on this loading screens for minutes, for hours!!! Nothing goes!

I remember before, that the game crashed when I was loading a car design for a oldschool Ferrari…

Since then the game doesn’t load… :-((((

My gamertag: “TermiNATER CH”

I have it after the latest update so that when I turn on the game, the TURN 10 STUDIOS logo appears and up to this point there is music, then it disappears and appears back on the game menu screen. In addition, I also have cosmetic changes.

The same earlier happened to me too - only the option to load the game from another device (PC in my case) helped me

I was playing the game as I normally do.

I bought a car from the auction house, that was a car I already have… I didn’t realize this beforehand.

I switched to the car so that I could make it more appealing, and I used the Forzavista path to repaint the car. Of course I was prompted to remove the paint on the car, and when I selected that I want to do this, the game crashed.

I realize that this is a load/save instance, and was very worried. I rebooted the game, and was stuck in an infinite load screen loop. I shows all of my cools stuff I have done, and swaps pictures, and appears to be loading, but this continues forever.

As someone that buys every forza game on release day, if not pre-orders the Ultimate edition, I am worried that my game is now either DOA, or I have to start the game from scratch 100%

I have attempted to remedy this by deleting everything but my save data, and downloading a fresh install. I have reset the console, and booted up the game, only to be treated to the identical scenario of loading loop.

Currently the loop has been running for a solid 15 minutes, and no change to the game.

I am playing on Series X.

The only idea I have left to remedy this, is to install the game on PC, and hope that the bug is not present there… but I do not have 89GB of space on my PC to spare.

Any insight or information about a possible patch in the future would be very welcome. I guess for now I will have to abandon the game entirely, and wait for a patch. For now I will just continue to get my free money from Forza Hub every week, and cry into my coffee, every time I want to play the game.


I’ve been playing for approximately two months now with no issues.
Until last week, when I tried to start up my game, I just kept on loading.

It stays on the loading for hours, not accessing the game.
I’ve tried everything. Logged out my account, restarted my Xbox, I’ve reset my Xbox, deleted the locally saved files, uninstalled the game, reinstalled the game…

It’s been now nearly a week that I try to relaunch the game, but without success.

Is this a common issue? Does someone have a solution?

I would strongly appreciate a solution for me to be able to enjoy my game.

Best regards,

Got it on my PC 5 or 6 weeks ago.

I had to uninstall the game and install it again without the FOrmula Drift and Mitsubishi, the two only packs I have . (i have no DLCs)

Contacted the support which told me to uninstall and reinstall with no packs , only the DLCs i should own

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Hi there im having an issue where my game takes so much time to launch and load into the festival compared to before. ive contacted support without any sucess. Ive tried pretty much every trick that i could remember, like for example reinstalling the game (twice). reinstalling the game without dlcs and other vip features like car passes etc… also tried closing some services to see if helps with no sucess. tried offline launching aswell. different nvidia drivers, windows is up to date 20h2 version. Also it cant be my pc because i know for certain if i format it it will load fast again like in 30 sec. but off course formatting is very incovenient
My computer has ssd so thats not the issue, cpu and gpu are not maxed aswell.
The game gets stuck as it starts at the splash screen showing grey for like a minute, then goes to the intro and stops again before the start menu at a blank black screen for another minute (these steps where pretty much instant before this happened, and then after the continue button what it used to load in around 30 seconds now takes pretty much 3 minutes to load into festival
Do you guys have any idea what it might be?

did you build your computer or is it a prebuilt

My computer takes about 2 minutes to load and be able to play. It used to be a lot quicker before I bought the car packs.


I have an login issue with forza hoizon 4. I’m logged in to my acc on microsoft store and xbox app and till today I could play forza normally but today when I launched forza and pressed enter I’m still on loading… please wait for 6hrs basicly(with a brake for game reset and login to other acc.). I can play on other account completely normal, i mean i can log in without any issues and just drive my car around but i can’t do anything on my main acc.

I don`t think you understand what i asked. i said what your computer pre built from a company like asus or msi or did you buy parts for it then build it.

its the same computer i had at forza horizon 4 launch, i built it my self, hardware is not the problem, i just know if i format the issue goes away its just inconvinient. But it will comeback as windows goes threw updates as always, just with forza. forza has this issue after some windows updates and i cant seem to find what causes that. its for certain software issue i can assure you that just cant find what causes it to glitch

It had just happened just 3 hours ago and It went like, Pressed the Enter Button to start the game and it said “Welcome. My Gamertag” And Said Loading Please wait and it just sat there and loading for far too long. I went and searched for the solution on the internet, I tried some of them but none did work. (The internet suspect on the Windows 20H2, which is my version) Please I really love this game and I really want to play it. I appreciate for all the help in advance.