In Defense Of "Silly" Cars

“aSsEtTo CoRsA hAs SoMe wEiRd StUfF LiKE loSiNG cOnTrOL wHiLe BrAkiNG oN A pErFeCtLy STrAiGhT liNE WiTH AbS”

The “straight line”:


People race all sorts of cars. The idea that something like an Isetta “doesn’t fit” or is “too silly” to be in a racing game is absurd, considering for instance that Iso entered Isettas in the 1954 Mille Miglia and took the entire podium in their class. The snobbiest people are always the most wrong.


I was. This happened only in AC, not in any other game, ACC included.

The problem is, when you have 100-200 hp car, you need a suitable track. I remember Proving grounds in FM2, this set of tracks was perfect for beginning of the game, but when you try some V12 Ferrari there, it just can’t breath. Stuck on every tight corner, no long straights.
I like driving lower tier cars in Forza, actually I don’t like modern race cars and supercars, they are boring to drive. But do we have suitable tracks for 100 hp compact car in modern FM? Tight city corses or hill climb tracks?
There is no use to drive WV Polo on Spa or Le Mans.


This. It’s a main reason why I do extensive research for the cars I add to my personal wish list. The threshold is a minimum stock top speed of 100 miles per hour and a stock 0 to 60 times of 10 seconds. Anything slower would not be suitable for my play style (keeping everything stock), and judging by this new car leveling system, seems like everyone has no choice but to do a truncated version of my play style.

To some extent I agree with you, but to me that just means bring back tight, technical tracks in addition to what’s currently there, not disregard these types of racing because F1/GT/hypercar.

Alternatively, for an example, Austin-Healey raced the Sebring Sprite at Le Mans, a car which made about 100 hp. The “suitability” of that may be a matter of opinion, but to me I have as much or more fun doing something like that as compared to driving WTCC cars, for instance.


I like a little bit of both ends of the spectrum personally.

I like LMPs because everything happens so fast. They’re very stimulating and getting into a flow at that pace is super fun. Mentally it feels similar to riding my motocross bike. Loads of sensory info and tasks (I run with no assists, clutched shifting, etc.) that have to be processed quickly in order to stay ahead of the machine and keep it in its happy place.

But I also like the road cars because the Forza class based races are super fun with all the different road cars you can end up with in the same race that all have different strengths and weaknesses. Doesn’t matter which class, but I find that my favorite cars typically to make good A class cars.

And I would love hillclimbs. Perfect for the rivals format.


I also agree with OP.
In the 2005 Forza, which can be said to be the origin of Forza, there were cars like the PT Cruiser, Altima, and New Beetle. Oh, and lots of JDMs and cheap Euro hatchbacks.

They were in the game before Formula, vintage grand prix racers, and those ridiculous 10 million horsepower hypercars.

People who want to get rid of oddballs and only want serious cars are like GTAV’s Border Patrol to me.
Even though they are “outsiders” who came later, they act like representatives and try to drive out the original ones.

It would be a problem if there were a lot of SUVs like in FM7’s DLC. However, FM8’s Carlist is too “serious” and not interesting at all.
Dan Greenwalt and Chris Esaki seem to want to make Forza a more serious and noble game, but I want you to think about why FM4 is still revered as the best in the series.


So well said! I didn’t even think about the fact that “silly” cars are actually as much if not MORE a part of Forza’s tradition than the iRacing wannabe car list of today. The new game’s car list has even abandoned classic cars in general that have been in every game since the early 360 era. For me that alone took the car list from one of the best to the most disappointing.


A “silly” car everyone would love to see:

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…Honest, real talk? Nah. That car had a time, place, and purpose, and that was in that famous skit. It would be a horrible car to put in this game…if it even still exists.


No (but maybe? but no), it was but a joke

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Forza’s identity, for me, and the reason why I enjoyed the game more than Gran Turismo, was that you could race ANY car, in (almost) ANY class in SP and MP. If you were somewhat competitive with an obscure car, it made the game so much more enjoyable.

Its 2023, the world is obsessed with diversity and inclusion, so lets bring back the oddball cars to add variety to the grid!


I spent so much time in FM4 as the only person in a server with an AMC, and even if there was another AMC, it was almost always a Javelin. I was using Gremlins and Pacers almost exclusively.

Definitely more fun when you’re a weirdo. Haha.


Pacer was one of my mains in FM7! Such a unique car, I just love it!


give me a peel or a stupidly fast tractor or something and I will have some fun, but I will also have fun with normal cars so I am fine either way.

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IMO the looming presence of Forza Horizon is what hurts Forza Motorsport.

Forza Horizon is a huge success and has relegated Forza Motorsport to being the secondary game in the franchise it created itself. This situation means T10 took the decision to set FM apart from FH when it comes to the experience.

T10 is forced to focus on the motorsport side of things to prevent their product from becoming redundant in Xbox’s lineup. Ironically, focusing on motorsport is what makes Forza Motorsport lose its historical identity.


I think open world arcade racer & track based simcade racer are different enough to where they didn’t need to make FM23’s car list boring to “distinguish” itself haha. Horizon competes more with The Crew & NFS, whereas MotorSport competes more with Gran Turismo & Project Cars


My logic is that Horizon being an easier, open-world Motorsport made it draw players away from Motorsport and into Horizon.

FM7 had a bad launch but a major part why it wasn’t successful was that people would rather stay in FH3 and wait for 4.

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This is an off-topic post, but I don’t think FH3 is the cause of FM7’s failure.

The reason for FM7’s failure was that FM7 was simply a bad game.
There was a lack of debugging, and there were many fatal bugs that were unimaginable in the works up to FM6.
Headlights don’t work in night races, and crashes and freezes occur frequently due to trivial things.

The infamous homologation stunted the enjoyment of career mode and didn’t mesh well with the class-based online racing that many players enjoyed.
Most importantly, the homologation system wasn’t as good as real homologation.

The car list was also disappointing. There were very few new models available at launch, and many of the models added were dirt-oriented machines like trophy trucks and buggies borrowed from FH3. There’s no off-road racing in FM7.
The DLC added many many SUVs, which also disappointed many players.

And FM7’s worst mistake was that they had the worst car lock system in Forza history.
Many of the car listings at launch are set as exclusive cars, and there are fewer opportunities to obtain them than in FH5.
This was especially exacerbated by the ineffectiveness of specialty dealers who sold the same cars over and over again.
Would people want to play a racing game when many of the cars in the car list were models that were never even past the time gate and literally had no chance of being acquired?

In my opinion, FM7 was a Forza that was meant to fail.
Even if FH3 had never existed, the game’s commercial failure and player reviews would have remained the same.

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